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The Bugs Won’t Leave Me Alone – Our Startup Story Part 10

Because our specific breed of bugs could come from three different places the complexity of our fixes are not multiplied but cubed. Could Amazon be providing bad data? Constantly. Could we have just found another Shopify constraint? Definitely. It’s tough to read EVERY word in the instructions manual. Or could these two complexities conspire against our servers to bring down the whole wobbly stack of cards? Definitely.

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Amazon FBA Shipping To Shopify – App Coming Soon

FBA shipping is a stupid simple real-time solution to the 10+ step process of setting up static shipping rates for Amazon FBA fulfillment. FBA Shipping wraps up all the various Amazon fees and shipping costs into one price that is presented to your customer during checkout. Plus you can provide completely customized shipping prices and options to your customer.

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Amazon to Shopify – How we got started Part 2

I’m speechless, I’ve been Googling “Amazon FBA to Shopify”, “FBA app shopify”, “Amazon integrates with Shopify” and have had exactly zero luck. I’ve found TONS of apps that go the other way, but as I explain to another sales rep, that’s not what I want. I already have hundreds of listings IN AMAZON, but exactly zero listings in SHOPIFY. And now I want to have hundreds of listings in Shopify AND Amazon. Can I do that?

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