How to offer store credit on your Shopify store

Up until recently the only option to provide store credit on Shopify is thru the use of discount codes. Discount codes are super simple to setup, and definitely have their place in the flow of your online store. However, when providing store credit with discount codes there are quite a few unappetizing downsides.

The biggest downside to discount codes is that there is no way for shoppers to maintain a balance. What this means is that a store owner can give a shopper $34.99 on a one time discount code. But what if the shopper only wants to use $12.45 today? They would lose the remaining balance on their code. In this case they would lose over $20 in credit they had on your store. I can only imagine the flowery language a shop owner would encounter when letting their shopper know that they’ve lost $20 to your store, and there isn’t a thing you can do about it.

The other downside is that a discount code can only be used once. After that the code expires and the customer is no longer able to use it. Multiple

So how does a store owner offer what should be something pretty simple?

use discount codes are available but then the opposite of the above issue would happen. If a store owner gave a multiple use discount code to a shopper for $34.99, then EVERY time the shopper used the code they could use $34.99 in credit. This could lead to a nightmare of a $34.99 discount code turning into a $349.90 worth of store credit or more.
So how does a store owner offer what should be something pretty simple, store credit that can be used as many times as needed, and can carry a balance? FreshCredit is the answer. FreshCredit is a new app in the Shopify app store that lets your customers carry a balance and use their balance as often as they want. Plus FreshCredit has built in safeguards so that customers won’t use any more credit than they have.

You can download FreshCredit from the app store today and take it on a 7-day trial run.

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