3 Ways to Make People WANT to Buy From Your Online Store

It’s super easy to create your own ecommerce store. But not so easy to get people to buy from your store.

How do you stand out in the sea of ads and content that is the online world? With 60 hours of video uploaded to youtube per minute and 800 million Facebook posts per day, you’ve got to be pretty special to make an impression.

Here are the top three ways to get noticed and drive people to buy your products.

1. Be Entertaining

Marketing isn’t about sponsoring entertaining content like in the old days. These days you have to BE the entertaining content.

Entertaining online store

Most people don’t care that your Bluetooth garlic presses get 22% more pressed garlic than the other guy’s. But if you can make that statistic entertaining, customers are all ears.

Take Old Spice for example. They used to be the deodorant your grandpa bought from Food & Stuff along with his denture cleaner and twine. But after launching a new set of entertaining commercials directed at a younger audience, Old Spice’s body wash sales increased by over 100%. The commercials featured “Old Spice Man” describing all the incredible things that could happen if the target audience’s man stopped using ladies’ body wash.

“What’s in your hand? It’s an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love. Look again. The tickets are now diamonds. Anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice and not a lady.”

Are you not entertained?!

Another example is the Squatty Potty. How do you turn a plastic step stool into an ecommerce empire worth over $15 million? You make an insane video featuring a unicorn that poops rainbow soft-serve. When Squatty Potty released their commercial, “This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop,” sales exploded by 600%.

But you don’t have to create a fancy, big budget commercial. Other brands create memes or funny videos related to their niche. Really, all you need to do is showcase your brand’s personality and give people a laugh.

2. Be Educational

So your Bluetooth garlic presses solve the ever-present problem of being unable to connect to your phone while pressing your garlic. But how does it work? Why do people need a Bluetooth garlic press? What even is a Bluetooth garlic press?

Do a little social listening to find out what questions people are asking about Bluetooth garlic presses. Then thoroughly answer those questions on your site. Show customers that you understand their Bluetooth garlic press needs and assure them that your Bluetooth garlic presses meet those needs. A few ways to do that:

+ Write an in-depth guide on how to use your product

+ Interview experts or people who have used your product

+ Do a case study on how somebody used your product to do something awesome

+ Create a comparison guide between your Bluetooth garlic presses and your top competitor’s

Become the authority on all things related to Bluetooth garlic presses and share useful content related to that niche. Pretty soon you’ll build a following of people that recognize you as the expert. That trust will lead to links to your authoritative site and ultimately, more sales.

online store sales

Take BluBlockers for example. Who knew that blocking blue rays in addition to UV rays would make objects appear sharper and clearer? No one, that’s who. Until BluBlockers came along. Their ads educated consumers on the benefits of blocking blue light, leading to sales of over 20 million pairs of sunglasses.

3. Be Inspirational

Everyone has a vision of how their life should be. And that vision includes certain products that promise to bring people closer to their ideal lifestyle.

Personalities like Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins have this angle covered. Ferriss inspires people to live a life of freedom with the Four Hour Work Week, while Robbins inspires people to reach their peak performance and recognize their “personal power.”

They both have one thing in common – they create an emotional connection by giving people all the feels. Since most purchases are driven by emotion, that connection has led to Ferriss and Robbins selling millions of books and making a boatload of cash.

online store sales

Another example is Goodlife Fitness. They inspired people to take better care of themselves with their #ChangeYourStory campaign, which showed real people who’ve joined their gym and the realistic results of their efforts. Seeing average Joe’s achieving results inspired other average Joe’s to join, and now Goodlife Fitness is Canada’s #1 gym.


Getting people to buy from you isn’t just a matter of having cool products or a fancy website or great customer service (although those things can certainly help). To really stand out, you need to offer something more – entertainment, education or inspiration.

About the Author

Gennifer is the Marketing Manager at ByteStand, where she lives and breathes customer service education while sipping coffee in her pajamas.

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