5 Online Stores Making $1 Million+ and Their Top Sales Strategies

So you’ve set up your Shopify store and started to get some traffic. But your sales aren’t where you’d like them to be, or worse, you’re getting no sales at all.

Never fear. Simply look at what the pros are doing and copy their tactics.

No, we’re not stealing anything by copying them. These are basic strategies that have been around since the dawn of ecommerce. See how they work for these $1 million+ sellers.

Pixi Beauty

Pixie Beauty

Pixi Beauty sells all natural, cruelty-free cosmetics. Their mission is to help women achieve a fuss-free, flawless look.

Gross sales: $1.6 million

Strategy: VIP rewards program

How It Works: Pixi created a program that allows people to earn points for various actions, then turn those points into discounts. You get a special welcome offer just for signing up, then you gain additional points for making purchases, writing product reviews, referring friends and sharing products on social media.

The more points you get, the higher you move up in the rewards program. You start out in the bronze level, where you get two points per dollar spent. Once you earn 500 points, you move into the silver level, where you get three points per dollar spent. After earning 1,000 points, you achieve gold status, where you earn five points per dollar spent.

The program is a great way to encourage customers to spend more, share the brand on social media and write those ever-important product reviews.

Military Hippie

Military hippie1

An online women’s clothing boutique, Military Hippie offers low-priced womenswear designed to inspire confidence.

Gross Sales: $1.4 million+

Strategy: Spend more, save more

How It Works: When you first visit the site, you’ll notice a bar at the top of the page that offers 35% off any order over $50. The bar updates as you add items to your cart by telling you how far you are from earning the discount (only $25 away from 35% off!). Spend $50 and it will update the discount, offering 40% off if you spend $15 more.

This is an excellent way to increase average order value by encouraging customers to spend more in order to receive increased discounts.



Untuckit sells casual men’s shirts that are designed to be slightly shorter and better fitting than typical men’s dress shirts so they look good untucked.

Gross sales: $150 million

Strategy: Referral program

How It Works: Enter your email and you’ll get $25 off for every friend who makes a purchase using your automatically generated, custom link. Plus, your friends get 25% off their purchase. It’s basically an affiliate program that provides a discount to everyone who uses your link.

Most people trust their friends’ recommendations. But how do you urge people to share the products they like? By making sure there’s something in it for them. Offering a bonus for each successful referral means your customers are more likely to tell their friends. Then they tell two friends, and they tell two friends…



The original portable blender, BlendJet’s goal is to allow you to make smoothies, shakes or margaritas anywhere.

Gross Sales: $3 million+

Strategy: Abandoned cart offer

How It Works: If you make it to the cart or checkout page but then attempt to leave without buying, you’ll get a popup offer for 10% off your order. Enter your email and you get a discount code. Super simple, just straight up savings.

This strategy works because when someone makes it to the checkout page, they’re literally *thisclose* to giving you their money. Sometimes they just need an extra little nudge.



Taft sells cool shoes for dudes. Their shoes are built to last by Spanish artisans who use the highest quality raw materials.

Gross Sales: $5 million+

Strategy: Welcome offer

How It Works: Visit Taft’s mobile site and you’ll quickly get an offer for $20 off your purchase. All you have to do is enter your email, then you get a discount code that will be applied to your order.

Who doesn’t love free money? This strategy works because it’s like Taft is waving a $20 bill in your face, offering to put it directly into your pocket if you just buy a pair of their shoes. Pretty tempting.


You probably don’t want to implement all five of these offers at once unless you feel like giving all your products away for free. Try experimenting with one strategy at a time to see which one gives you the most success. The right offers at the right time = more sales.

About the Author

Gennifer is the Marketing Manager at ByteStand, where she lives and breathes customer service education while sipping coffee in her pajamas.

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