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7 Ways to Turn Your eCommerce Store’s Visitors into Customers

There are tons of free themes, apps, plugins, etc. that can get you a decent looking store in no time. And if you used our guide to getting free media coverage, you’re probably getting some traffic. But if no one’s buying, it’s time to take a closer look at your Shopify store.

Most people spend a ton of time getting the home page just right, but it’s vital that you get the product pages just as perfect. Good product pages can inspire people to buy if done right, or drive them away if not.

Let’s take a look at a few ecommerce stores and why their product pages are effective, plus how you can replicate what they’re doing in your own store to turn visitors into paying customers.

Comprehensive Product Shots

Tru-Colour Bandages not only has thorough shots of their actual products, they also have images of their products in use. Studies have shown that people respond more favorably to images featuring other people. It helps potential buyers imagine themselves using the products.

Takeaway: Show the product in detail but also show people using it.

Create Engaging Product Descriptions

Woosh Sunnies has fun, interesting product descriptions for all their products. They help readers imagine using the products with phrases like “enjoying a chill day at the beach” and “feeling as free and cool as the ocean.” The descriptions evoke a feeling and are clearly written with a target audience in mind.

Takeaway: Be sure to write thorough product descriptions that let the reader feel like they’re actually holding the product in their hands.

Have an Obvious Call to Action

Woosh Sunnies also has a huge, but not overly intrusive, call to action: ADD TO CART. It stands out enough to get your attention, but it doesn’t overwhelm the product images or description.

Takeaway: Make it easy for people to buy with a clear call to action.

Reassure Potential Buyers

Mozart Supplies does a great job of inspiring confidence in their checkout process by offering multiple payment methods with highly recognizable logos. Visitors won’t be worried that this is some fly-by-night store that’s going to steal their credit card info and use it to buy $800 worth of cheeseburgers.

Takeaway: Make your store look legit by clearly showing that you accept well known payment methods.

Make Shipping Info Clear

Mozart Supplies also provides shipping speed details on their product pages. So potential customers know exactly how much shipping will cost and when they can expect to receive their products before they even begin the checkout process. Implementing this one tip has been proven to greatly reduce the number of abandoned carts left behind by visitors.

Takeaway: Make shipping details clear before checkout.

Cross Sell

Get the most from each customer by upselling or cross selling within the product page. Krasr does an excellent job of this by showing related products on each of their product pages. It’s not intrusive, but it offers customers more options, which could potentially result in more dollars per sale.

Takeaway: Promote related products or best sellers on each and every product page to get more money from each transaction.

Keep it Simple

Flyte does a great job of using simple design to showcase their products. They use plenty of white space while still providing all the necessary product details. That makes it easy for customers to navigate the page without feeling overwhelmed by excess information.

Takeaway: Edit your product pages until only the necessary info is left. Make it easy for potential customers to figure out exactly what the product is and how to buy it.


Having professional images and engaging product descriptions is vital if you want visitors to actually buy from your store. It’s also important to make the checkout process clear and easy with a solid call to action and legit payment methods. Adding shipping info gives the buyer all the info they need, and cross selling can increase how much each customer spends on your site.

But perhaps most importantly, keep it simple and consistent across all your product pages. Customers love clean, modern designs that make it super easy to see the benefits of the product and how to buy it.