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8 Key Strategies from 5 of the Best Shopify Stores in History

It’s the dream, right? To be one of the best Shopify stores out there – millions of sales, tons of adoring customers and money up to your eyeballs. But how do you get there? It’s a ton of work, but you can make it easier by following the strategies of some of the best selling Shopify stores in history.


Leesa sells mattresses directly to customers from their website, cutting out the costs associated with running a traditional brick and mortar mattress store and passing those savings on to their customers. They soothe worries about not being able to try out their mattresses before purchase by offering a 100-night free trial with free returns.

Everything Leesa is clean and simple – from their website design to their buying process. They remove the pain points traditionally associated with buying a mattress (lying on a questionable bed in some strip mall while a skeezy salesman looms over you) and make it super clear that you’re buying a quality mattress that you can easily return, all without ever leaving your house.

Leesa also makes buyers feel good about their purchases with their positive social impact – donating mattresses to nonprofits, planting trees and supporting various charities.

What does all this mean? It means $30 million in sales during their first year. Yeah.


+ Figure out how to make your customers’ lives easier
+ Make customers feel like their purchase has a positive impact on society


Beardbrand was started by Eric Bandholz after he went to his first beard competition. He realized there was an entire community looking for beard-growing tips, style inspiration and, most importantly, beard grooming products. When he started Beardbrand, he focused on just that – creating a brand for beards. He built a cohesive identity that encompasses everything in his store – the logo, photos, product packaging, copy – all of it.

Almost every website you go to nowadays has a pop-up asking for your email address. But Beardbrand is anti-pop-up. Instead, they get emails by playing on our desire to clear out notifications. Look at the little red dot on the upper right side of the page.

Click on it and you get a pop-up that asks you to join their kickass newsletter. This is how to do pop-ups.

They also have a quiz you can take that asks for your email before providing the results.

The results? Hundreds of thousands of newsletter subscribers and $120,000 in sales per month. Per MONTH!


+ Create a cohesive brand image that targets a well-defined community
+ Be creative with your marketing

MVMT Watches

MVMT Watches found success by shaking up a traditional business model, much like Leesa. Instead of selling watches wholesale to department stores like most old-school brands, they decided to cut out the middle man and sell their classic, stylish watches direct to consumers at affordable prices.

Their watches are clean and minimalistic, and their website keeps that feeling going with simple, stylish layouts and product imagery.

MVMT is known for doing social media right. They started selling through Shopify’s Facebook channel, which allows followers to purchase their products without ever leaving Facebook. This multi-channel approach generated an extra $15,000 in revenue in just three months. MVMT is now on target to make over $100 million in 2018.


+ Great photography and design is key
+ So is making checkout as easy as possible, even if it means your customers never even go to your site

Death Wish Coffee

Who sells the strongest coffee in the world? Death Wish. After winning a contest for a free Super Bowl commercial, Death Wish saw sales explode. The night the ad ran they made over $250,000 in sales – in just that one night!

Rather than letting that traffic spike be a one-time event, Death Wish implemented the “subscribe & save” option for their coffee, giving customers a discount if they sign up for recurring delivery. Just like Amazon, Death Wish has used this tactic to gain more repeat customers and increase revenue.

They also implemented a weekly contest to help capture all those visitors’ emails. Who doesn’t want to win free coffee for a month?


+ Luck favors the prepared. Make sure you’re ready to turn lucky breaks into lasting success.


Bombas built an ecommerce empire by rethinking a product staple – the humble sock. They found 7 ways to improve the standard sock design, creating a far superior product.

And they make their superiority clear on every page, especially their product pages.

Bombas also follows the Toms one-for-one donation model. For every pair of socks bought from them, they donate a pair to the homeless. Just like Leesa, they make buyers feel good about purchasing from them.

These strategies have led Bombas to make over $50 million in sales in 2017 alone.


+ Find a way to make your products better than average
+ Give buyers that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing their purchase is making a difference in the world


Use the strategies from some of the best Shopify stores around to help propel your store to the top:

1. Make your customers’ lives easier
2. Make customers feel like they’re making a positive impact with their purchase
3. Create a cohesive brand that targets a well-defined community
4. Be creative with your marketing
5. Make sure your images and design are picture perfect
6. Take your products to your customers rather than making them come to you
7. Make sure you’re prepared for traffic spikes
8. Know what makes your products better than everyone else’s