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8 of the Best Ecommerce Website Designs of 2018 + 4 Lessons You Can Learn from Them

Here it is, no intro, no fanfare, just straight up. These are the 4 things people want from your ecommerce site:

1. Customization – show each customer exactly what they want
2. Ease – make EVERYTHING as easy and simple as possible
3. Legitimacy – less fly-by-night dropshipping site, more beautifully branded, professional site
4. Creativity – don’t do the same thing everyone else is doing, make it interesting

That’s it! That’s all they want! Easy, right?

Well, it might be nice to see a few examples. So here are the top 8 ecommerce designs of the year, all of which are killing it in the user experience department, as well as the financial department – dolla bills, y’all!

1. Bon Bon Bon

Bon Bon Bon sells artisan chocolate. And they are creative AF about it. Vanity Fair says they’re “twisted geniuses… with crazy unique packaging and flavors only a really stoned Willy Wonka could dream up.”

Bon Bon Bon

Their website reflects that creativity with cool gifs of their products, custom packaging and product options, interesting blog topics, word play and a generally fun atmosphere. The creators call themselves the Babes Babes Babes and the site captures their fun, funky spirit.

2. JeepPeople

If you can’t already tell, this site is for Jeep enthusiasts. You know how Amazon will let you enter your car’s make and model, then only show you parts that fit your car? JeepPeople does the same thing. Plus, they have an “install difficulty” ranking on each product. So you instantly know you’re getting parts that fit your Jeep and how easy or hard it will be to install them. Yay for customization!


Auto parts can be expensive. So how do you make it easier for people to afford them? You offer financing! JeepPeople shows the total product price, plus financing options with a lower monthly rate. Yay for easy!

3. Zugu Case

Take a look at the Zugu Case home page or any of their product pages and you instantly know they’re legit. They’ve got warranties, detailed product info, gorgeous photos, social proof and more. They’ve only got a few products, but they showcase them in a big way.

zugu case

Four things they use to build legitimacy – product reviews, crystal clear shipping & returns policies, an FAQ page and an About page that makes you connect with the people behind the brand. They do everything in their power to show that buyers can trust them.

4. Renogy

Do you understand how solar panels work? Because I don’t. I mean, yeah, they let me charge my iphone off the sun. I get that. But if I wanted to buy some solar panels for my house, I would have no idea where to start.


Renogy makes it super easy with a prominent learning center on their home page that includes solar basics, FAQs and product manuals. They also offer kits for different types of installations and tons of product photos to give you a solid sense of what you’re getting. In addition, you can find sizing calculators, customer reviews and video tutorials on their site. They make it easy to figure out a complex product.

5. Decibullz

How do you make something as boring as earplugs look sexy? Decibullz does it with really sleek imagery. The video and photos on their home page feature cool, tatted up guys doing manly things like fixing stuff, playing drums and shooting guns.


Within one month of their creative overhaul, they saw a 35% increase in average order value and a 6% increase in their conversion rate. The persona-driven design takes a boring product and makes it into something customers find interesting.

6. Home Science Tools

This site makes it super easy to find what you’re looking for. You can customize your search by age, scientific field or their cool gift selector option. The site is well organized, making it easy to find what you need or explore by area of interest.

Home Science Tools

They’ve also got instructions for cool science projects you can do at home and a learning center with videos, lessons and curriculum resources.

7. Signal Boosters

There are so, so, so many sites selling random tech stuff with generic photos and little information about their products. Signal Boosters is the opposite of that. They sell a clearly defined set of products, they’ve got professional images of their products and they provide tons of info, including case studies on how they help businesses improve signal and increase internet speeds.

Signal Boosters

The whole site clearly and effectively communicates what they’re about and how their products can help various consumers. It’s legit, clear and more creative than sites that just throw up a product page with an add-to-cart button.

8. Scentos

Check out Scentos’ home page banner. You can literally play with the creatures in it! Interactive features, no matter how simple, will delight your customers.


Scentos is bold, colorful and creative. They’ve got tons of fun little details like navigation tabs that dance, DIY craft projects and collectible characters. All those creative features fit their brand perfectly and make them stand out from other art supply stores.


Use these awesome ecommerce website designs as inspiration to add customization, ease, legitimacy and creativity to your own site. Just a few more tips:

+ Make it super clear from the beginning what your site is about. What are you selling?
+ Invest in EXCELLENT photography. Your pictures tell the story of your products more than words ever can.
+ Build a brand. Create a style guide and make sure every part of your site reflects your shop’s personality.
+ Make it easy to say yes to your products. Give customers all the info they need and the quickest route possible to checkout.

About the Author

Gennifer is the Customer Support Magician at ByteStand, where she lives and breathes customer service education while sipping coffee in her pajamas.

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