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About Us

Behind every SaaSy company, is a group of people even sassier! May we introduce you to our crew, the people behind the operations of ByteStand.

It won’t be a massive surprise to many of you that our team has Amazon origins. ByteStand is powed by savvy Amazon industry vets who have been passionate about eCommerce for a decade each. We’ve worked with over 2,600+ brands, generating hundreds of millions of orders shipped through Amazon FBA/MCF program using the ByteStand app.

Todd Trimakas

Well, hello there! i’m Todd, the head honcho at ByteStand. My story is not a linear one, but it all ties togther like a nice big red bow wrapped around a solid luxury car in a dealership. So let’s get into it…Around 7 years ago, I taught myself to code, and started a software development company for Shopify stores who also do business with Amazon. Why Amazon, you ask? Well, because prior to getting into software development, I sold over $1 million of product as a professionl Amazon seller. So how does an Amazon seller doing that much volume turn into a software developer with 4 apps on the shopify app store? strap in , as this is where the story of ByteStand begin.

I was selling around 1,500 SKUs on Amazon, and started to realize how much of a chokehold they had over my destiny. Amazon could take my livelihood down as quickly as they lifted it up. I realized that I needed to create a world of my own that I owned. The problem was that having that many SKU’s was a massive effort to try to re-create on my own store. Where would I get pictures, prices, descriptions? How would I maintain this site with new inventory coming and going? Who was going to fulfill all of those orders? I KNEW there HAD to be a solution. I found Shopify and the extensive app inventory. I tried one app after another inside the app store. I even tried going outside of the app store. There were NO apps to move inventory from Amazon to Shopify.

You can probably see where this is going. I needed to solve my very own pain point with the understanding that there were likely more of me out there. Amazon has an API and Shopify has an API. PHEW. That was easy enough…well right after I figured out what an API even was. LOL

And then began the journey of learning how to code for Shopify apps. We launched the first app in May 2016 and rolled out a few more applications with the exact same premise in mind…solving problems vs chasing money or trends. My goals are always centered around doing the right thing when no one is watching, whether at work, or with my 3 kids, beautiful wife, and coworking dog, I strive to be the best version of myself for those around me. Luckily, I have great people around me so it’s easy.

Cara Byte

Hi there, I’m Cara! A curiously adventurous, RV livin’ Operations Manager here at ByteStand. By day, I wear multiple hats in my role of helping merchants navigate the world of Amazon’s fulfillment solutions using the ByteStand apps. Some of you might know me from hearing my voice on YouTube videos explaining all of the ways that ByteStand can help your Shopify stores succeed with shipping and fulfillment solutions on Amazon. Others might have spoken to me over the phone or through live chat demo’ing the software or helping to configure the ByteStand apps to your specific needs. And as for the rest of you, I hope to get a chance to speak with you soon!

My journey began working at Amazon when I was 18 years old as a weekend pick, pack and shipper! I would walk no less than 10 miles a shift, packing 1,000+ orders. I spent the greater part of 10 years at Amazon moving my way up to eventually becoming an area manager for the very department that started out my career there. But I also did other job roles like in HR, and as a photo assistant dressing mannequins for photo shoots. I collected a lot of useful skills that come in handy to run operations at ByteStand today.

My true passion is helping people and watching them succeed. I get joy from problem-solving ways for your business to do things that both of us are surprised/elated about using the ByteStand apps. My job in operations allows me to work with customers, solve technical issues, liase with marketing, create content for YouTube, and anything else that needs to be done to ensure we are running a tight ship with a lean team!

And when I’m not helping merchants, I love to volunteer, explore cities we travel to, meet new people along with my husband and paw-worker Charlie Rae as we travel across America. Who knows, maybe I’ll run into you along the way! Until then, happy selling!

Ellie Doodle Fluffin’ Muffin’

The Ellie Doodle at 6 years old is a founding member of the ByteStand team. Ellie is a golden doodle consisting of 90% fur and 10% skinny. She has seen, heard and been a part of every step of ByteStand’s journey. From her dad’s frustrating early attempts at learning to code, through all the missteps and learning opportunities, to the current state of affairs where business is good enough to support her bi-monthly trips to the salon. She calmly naps through her dad’s rants at his code, and knows when he’s ready for a quick distraction to scratch her nose.

Charlie Rae

Customer Support Doggerooo

Meet Charlie Rae, a 7-year-old brindle Great Dane who lives in an RV with Cara and her dad. When she’s not working in Customer Support (*cough snoring when Cara is on calls *cough – it’s ruff she tells ya!), she enjoys exploring and sniffing grass all over America. So far, her current count is in over 39 states. She’ll also have you know that she’s an introvert who takes great pride in wearing jewelry.