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Amazon Blank Box Program for Shopify

Shopify merchants: Are you ready for Amazon’s Blank Box program?

Shopify is one of the top eCommerce platforms used by online retailers with over 1.75 Million merchants selling on the Shopify platform. These merchants offer products to over 457 million customers worldwide! Are you one of the 1.75 million merchants cashing in and looking to grow your business in 2022? Or are you an Amazon FBA Seller looking to branch out and reach those 457 million wallets?

Either way this article will help you decide if the jump to the Shopify platform is right for your business and how to leverage Amazon FBA inventory to save your valuable time and resources.

Where to start?

To maximize your profits and visibility with potential consumers it helps to sell your products on multiple platforms. You’ve heard the term, ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’ That rule applies in eCommerce as well! Amazon is the biggest name in eCommerce and rightly so with over 9.5 million sellers using their platform and over 70% of those sellers using the FBA program to reach customers world wide. Welcome to the days of 24 hour shopping, shipping, and spending!

The Amazon FBA program allows merchants to store their physical goods in Amazon warehouses all over the world. Merchants must create a Seller Central account with Amazon, ship their physical products to Amazon, and pay fulfillment fees and referral fees to Amazon for their services. Customers can then view and purchase the merchants products directly off of Amazon.com usually receiving free 2 day Prime shipping! Which means, you, the merchant, pay Amazon to do all of the leg work! While you sit back and count the profits!

You can imagine the number of benefits in this transactional Amazon relationship. But, what about the hiccups?
Merchants do pay Amazon storage fees and referral fees for all sales made on Amazon.com.
Amazon keeps your customer data and some control.
You lose the branding of your business and a direct relationship with your customers.

A lot of small business owners have found themselves asking, is there more than Amazon? The answer is yes! If you are ready to-

Branch out and grow your brand.
Lower your Amazon FBA fees.
Have a direct relationship with your customers and own your customer data.
Sell your products OFF of Amazon.com, while utilizing the power of Amazon FBA fulfillment.
Sell your amazing products on other platforms like Instagram, Etsy, eBay, and more! (And still harness the power of Amazon FBA fulfillment.)

How to grow

In 2022 this next business step is simple yet effective…and honestly it’s necessary. If you don’t already have a Shopify store up and running make that a priority on your to-do list! Then, install the FBA Shipping app from the Shopify app store or click below!


Set up the FBA Shipping app and prepare to start your ‘Multi Channel Fulfillment’ journey with us and Amazon! The FBA Shipping app connects the dots between your Shopify and your Amazon Seller Central account while helping you diversify orders! Not only does the app provide your Shopify customers with real time Amazon shipping cost, time frames, and shipping titles; the app also sends your Shopify order request that contain FBA items to Amazon and ask Amazon to pick, pack, and ship your Shopify orders! Giving you the power to sell on Amazon.com and to sell on your own website! While still letting Amazon handle the shipping headache for all orders!

Amazon’s MCF Program, Shopify, and our FBA Shipping app

So what is this MCF program with Amazon and how does it work? The MCF program or Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment program is different from the FBA program that is provided by Amazon. When you sell your products on Amazon.com and the products are stored in Amazon facilities that is called FBA. But, when you sell your FBA products (that are stored in Amazon warehouses) from Shopify.com, Instagram, or websites other than Amazon.com you are now using the MCF program.
It is true that the rules differ between FBA orders and MCF orders. Some major differences are below-

  • MCF orders do not pay the Amazon ‘referral’ fees like FBA orders pay. Money saved!
  • As long as you have products physically stored in the countries you wish to ship to, you can use multiple marketplaces with the MCF program. United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom are active marketplaces with the MCF program!
  • You keep your customer data with MCF orders! Our app will never send your Shopify MCF customers’ email address or phone numbers to Amazon, for them to profit off of.
  • No need to create manual shipping rates in Shopify and ‘guestimate’ how much shipping will cost you! Our app collects exact shipping costs straight from Amazon with MCF orders!
  • When automatic fulfillment is turned on in Shopify we send your orders immediately to Amazon. Enabling you to fulfill orders and make money while you sleep!
  • The FBA Shipping app triggers automatic order confirmation and shipping confirmation emails to your Shopify customers! Tracking information always included!
  • Keep in mind that with the MCF program, features like Prime Day shipping or free 2 day shipping is not an option. Remember, when using Amazon’s MCF program on Shopify with the FBA Shipping app you are taking control of your business. Your customers never realize Amazon is even involved. They just think you are that flawless, honey!

Our future is bright! Which means, so is yours!

Guess what else is coming with our new and improved FBA Shipping app?
The Amazon Blank Box program! – Opt to send all of your MCF orders in blank packaging!
Block Amazon Logistics! – Do you prefer that your MCF orders are not delivered by an Amazon van? You know, to ensure your customers KNOW who’s really in charge! We’ve got you covered!
Inventory syncing from Amazon to Shopify!
Blank Box program is a real game changer! Import orders from other channels! Instagram, Etsy, eBay…the Interverse sky’s the limit!
And much more!

What are you waiting for?

Shopify, Amazon, and FBA Shipping sitting in a tree…K-I-S-S…no…S-H-I-P-P…ing! That’s right, a match made in heaven shipping out all of your Amazon.com and Shopify.com orders for you! So, you have more time to focus on what really matters! Download the FBA Shipping app by ByteStand today and get a free 7 day trial! Find us on the Shopify app store! Our world class customer service guru can be reached by phone, chat, email, and video calls!

For after hours help check out the rest of ByteStand.com and click on Knowledge Base! Or hear it from the experts below!

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