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Shopify: The Best Alternative to Amazon Webstore

Probably old news right now, but Amazon is shutting down their webstore service as of this year. Who knows the PR version of why they did this, but the real reason is because the service was horrible. It allowed you to build a webstore that looked straight out of the early days of the internet. Just gorgeous. Plus you could use any template you wanted, as long as it was one of the few themes they had. I love me some Amazon, but this service was just a bunch of junk.

Amazon Webstore Closed

So what to do?! Come on over to Shopify. How bad Amazon’s product was, is how good Shopify’s is. We don’t get paid by Shopify to say this, and really have little skin in the game. But we’ve looked at Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce. Magento just has too many details to worry about, and BigCommerce is very good, a close second to Shopify for sure. But we chose to go with Shopify. Plus with the ByteStand app you can now pull in your FBA inventory with a couple clicks and 10 minutes of coffee drinking. Its super easy.

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