Automating Shopify Order Fulfillment With FBA Shipping

Installing the FBA Shipping app on your online store is like installing a Swiss Army knife for your shipping needs. The app:

+ provides real-time shipping rates from Amazon based on your customer’s address and the products in their cart

+ sends an unlimited number of orders to Amazon for fulfillment

+ sends shipment details from your store to your customers, including tracking info

+ intelligently selects the best Amazon fulfillment location based on your customer’s shipping address

Watch the setup video here or read on for all the details.

Swiss Army Knife for FBA Shipping

Enabling Carrier Calculated Shipping

Shopify has one requirement for using our app: You must have carrier calculated shipping rates enabled. This is because we pull calculated rates directly from Amazon into your checkout so you don’t have to worry about over- or under-charging for shipping.

If you don’t have carrier calculated shipping rates enabled, just give Shopify a call and they’ll hook you up. It’s free if you pay for your Shopify subscription annually or $20/month if you pay monthly. They might tell you that you must upgrade to an advanced plan, but you don’t. Tell them you just want to add it a la carte and they will do it.

Entering Your Amazon Credentials

Once you’ve got that set up, you’ll need to authorize us as a developer on Amazon. This is what allows us to connect to your Amazon account and send your Shopify orders directly to them for fulfillment.

This video will walk you through how to do that. You can authorize us for one or multiple Amazon marketplaces. Just paste the credentials Amazon generates into the app and click save.

Amazon FBA credentials

Setting Up Shipping Rates

Important: Amazon will only accept orders that select the shipping rates you set up in the app. They won’t recognize any shipping rates you’ve set up in Shopify and therefore won’t accept orders using those rates.

To set up shipping rates, select your marketplace. You’ll see options in the dropdown for all the marketplaces you entered on the previous page.

Below that, you’ll notice tabs showing the shipping speeds Amazon offers in that marketplace. In the US, they offer three speeds – Standard, Expedited and Priority. Outside the US, they offer two speeds – Standard and Expedited.

Amazon FBA Shipping Speeds

There are four main options on each shipping speed page:

1 Choose whether or not you want to enable this speed. Most people enable all speeds, but if you’d rather just offer one, you can.

2 You can also enable flex rates, which allow you to charge more or less than what Amazon will charge you for fulfilling the order. Add a positive number to charge more or a negative number to charge less.

3 If you’d rather charge a fixed amount for shipping instead of passing on Amazon’s calculated rates, enable flat rates. Enter the amount you’d like to charge on the line below.

4 You can also enable free shipping and even set a specific amount to trigger free shipping. If you want to offer free shipping for orders over $100, enable this setting and enter 100 on the line below.

Each shipping speed is set up independently, so be sure to click save on each speed before moving to the next one. When you’re done with all shipping speeds, click “I’m done saving my shipping speeds.”

Updating Your Shopify Settings

You’ll need to set the fulfillment service on all of your FBA products to “FBA Shipping.” In some countries, you’ll see this setting on your product pages. In other countries, Shopify has removed this from the product pages. If you don’t see that option, you’ll need to change the “Inventory managed by” setting instead. Those two settings are linked, so changing the “Inventory managed by” setting will automatically change your fulfillment service and vice versa.

If you want to do this quickly, use Shopify’s bulk editor. From your Products page, check the box to select all products, then click Edit products.

Shopify bulk editor

Then, in the Add fields dropdown, click Fulfillment service. That will add a column showing the fulfillment service for each of your products.

FBA fulfillment service on Shopify

To change all of them at once, click on the top one, hold down the shift key and click on the bottom one. That will select all of them. Then scroll back to the top and change the fulfillment service on the top product. You’ll see all of them change at once. Magic!

Checking Your SKUs

Your product SKUs must match between Shopify and Amazon. Not the ASIN or UPC. Amazon only accepts the SKU from us, so it must match exactly.

Automating Fulfillment

You can set up orders to be automatically sent to Amazon for fulfillment in your Shopify checkout settings. Look for the Order processing section where it says, “After an order has been paid.” Choose the first option for automatic fulfillment.

Automatic Fulfillment FBA Shipping

If you’d like to review your orders before sending them to Amazon, leave the bottom option in that section checked (Do not automatically fulfill the order’s line items). If you choose this setting, you will need to open each order and click the Request fulfillment button to send the order to Amazon.

Confirming Order Processing

Within about 5 minutes, your orders should move into Open status on Shopify. That means Amazon has received the order data and you can view it in Seller Central. Once Amazon ships the order, it will move into Fulfilled status on Shopify.

If you have an order that doesn’t go into Open status, double check that an Amazon shipping rate was selected (Standard, Expedited or Priority). If you see any other shipping rate name on the order, Amazon will not process it. That’s why it’s vital to delete any other shipping rates from your Shopify shipping settings or set up weight based rates for any non-FBA products.

That’s all there is to it! Congratulations, you’ve just automated your entire FBA order fulfillment process!

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Gennifer is the Marketing Manager at ByteStand, where she lives and breathes customer service education while sipping coffee in her pajamas.

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