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Boost Conversion with Virtual Bundles on Shopify with ByteStand & Amazon MCF

Are you ready for an easy way to boost conversions and increase MCF sales? 

FBA Shipping by ByteStand has the perfect tool for you! Our Virtual Bundle feature assists you in quickly mapping your physical FBA SKUs to your Amazon virtual bundle SKUs. Now, you may be asking, what does that mean? 

This means your Shopify customers can quickly make a decision and purchase one product that may include many items. In the back end, the FBA Shipping app works its magic by sending each individual SKU to Amazon that is attached to the virtual bundle.

This is what the customer sees

The view in the FBA Shipping app

Virtual bundle in a Shopify order

But, I thought Amazon accepted virtual bundle products, why should I utilize your feature? 

This is partially correct. Amazon accepts virtual bundle products purchased on Amazon.com using Amazon’s Fulfill by Amazon program. Remember, when you sell your FBA products/SKUs on a different website, like Shopify, you are automatically using Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment program or MCF. Amazon will not accept virtual SKUs for MCF orders. Tricky, right?

No more tricks for you

With the virtual bundle feature enabled in the FBA Shipping app by ByteStand, you can now send even more MCF orders to Amazon! Gone are the days of order limitations and manual order submissions to Amazon. What else can you do with the virtual bundle feature? I’m glad you asked!  

  • No virtual product/SKU inside of Amazon Seller Central? No problem!
    • Create the bundled product listing in Shopify and use our virtual bundle feature to map your physical FBA SKUs to your Shopify virtual product SKU.
  • Offer automatic discounts for products purchased in bulk!
    • Do you sell 1 of a product/SKU for $20 but 3 of that product/SKU for $50? With the virtual bundle feature, now you can. 
  • What if your SKUs in Shopify do not match your Amazon SKUs? Here is the kicker….you do not want to change the SKUs in Shopify.
    • You can use the virtual bundle feature to translate your Shopify SKUs to your Amazon SKUs, all in the back end.

Ready to learn more?

Visit our Knowledge Base and read all about our Virtual Bundle feature Here

You can also watch our Virtual Bundle setup video Here

Or just set up a demo with us Here

Happy Selling!