Building an Ecommerce Empire: How to Take Your Amazon Business to the Next Level

So you’re already selling on Amazon and seeing some success, but you’re not at the level where you want to be. You see these other sellers talking about making a million in sales, or even ten million. And you’re over here making a few grand, wondering how you’ll ever get to that level. How can you sell more on Amazon?

sell more on Amazon

One of the best ways to grow your Amazon business is actually to get off Amazon.

You can still use Amazon’s amazing logistics, storage capacity and competitive shipping rates. But you need customers who want YOU, not Amazon.

All the biggest companies know that building a brand is the best way to grow your business to the million dollar + level.

Take Beardbrand for example. They’ve built a loyal following by creating a cohesive brand that appeals to a well-defined demographic. And with their branded website, they’ve grown from zero profit in the first year to generating millions in revenue each year.

One of their biggest secrets is email marketing. Although Beardbrand sells on both Amazon and Shopify, they can’t use their sophisticated email marketing techniques on their Amazon customers. But their Shopify customers get email promos that have helped build sales to $120,000 per month. Per MONTH!

Amazon is a benevolent dictator at best.

They giveth and they taketh away.

The Amazon seller forums are filled with people who have had their accounts suspended, often for completely ridiculous reasons. Or through no fault of their own! We’ve all heard the horror stories of shady competitors sabotaging legitimate seller listings to take out the competition.

Don’t let Amazon take away your entire business overnight. You’ve got to diversify by creating your own brand.

sell more on Amazon

Customers who find you through Amazon are not your customers.

They’re Amazon’s. Most people don’t even realize there are different sellers on Amazon. They just see the buy box and think clicking “Add to cart” means they’re buying directly from Amazon.

If you want to build your own customer list, you need your own branded site.

But that sounds like a huge pain in the ass, right? Wrong. It’s super simple and pretty cheap, too.

Here’s how to sell more on Amazon with your own site:

+ Set up your website

+ Import your Amazon product listings

+ Automate order processing so your site’s orders get fulfilled by Amazon

+ Roll around in your fat stacks of cash

It’ll cost less than $100/month to set up and automate everything. So you can focus on the important stuff while your store takes care of itself.

Okay, but how do you actually DO all that stuff?

You don’t just click a button and magically have a beautifully functioning website. And how do you automate inventory management and order processing? Sounds painful.

I gotchu fam. Download our guide and follow the steps in it, and you can have everything set up TODAY.

Ecommerce Empire Cover

Download the Guide Now

Seriously. You don’t need to find a web developer or manually copy stuff over or comb through Amazon’s help pages to figure all this stuff out.

Instead, you just need to download the guide and get started. As Mark Twain said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Plus, the guide is a non-stop thrill ride of hilarity and brilliance. Okay, maybe it won’t be all that. But I can tell you from experience that it’s quite a thrill to sell products on your own website while kicking back and letting Amazon do all the hard work for you.

So what does this guide cover?

All this and more:

+ Advantages of branching out to your own store

+ Common misconceptions about running your own store

+ How to set up your store and integrate it with Amazon

+ How to promote your store

It’s 31 pages packed with step-by-step instructions, important tips, and profiles on sellers who have already successfully branched out from Amazon.

You’ll read about folks like Tru-Colour Bandages, who went from selling on Amazon to selling on their own store to being stocked in Target stores nationwide. And Woosh Sunnies, who used automation to free up time for building a brand that stands out from the crowd.

But don’t think it’s gonna take weeks to read through it all. It’s broken up into manageable bites to make it easy to understand. And we’ve included all of Amazon’s arcane rules translated into plain English.

So what’s holding you back from taking your Amazon business to the next level? Get started today by downloading the guide. Just enter your email and we’ll send it right over.

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