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ByteStand Success: How Woosh Sunnies Brings Clarity to the Sunglasses World

This week’s ByteStand Success interview features Woosh Sunnies, a family-owned company based in Panama that sells fun, stylish, and affordable shades.

Tell us a little about your products and how you got started.

We’re a small family-owned company from Panama, my wife and I. Being from Panama, a very small country from Central America, we spend lots of time down at the beach, which btw, we have some amazing ones down here. We have a very strong culture of water sports and beach-vibe life, which prompted the idea of wanting to share some of this with the rest of the world. Even though we know we stepped into a highly competitive area, we still think people need to feel a little bit of our magic, and that’s why creating and selling a product that resembles and shares some of it feels already so fulfilling.

How did you get your first sale?

Our first sale went through Amazon. Our major focus has been always to reach people outside of Panama. Being from the millennial generation we are 150% sure that business nowadays is through Internet. It just makes it so much easier to connect with people around the world. Fun fact: we still don’t sell in Panama… soon.

What strategies do you use to promote your products and get more sales?

Social media has been our number one tool in order to get out there. Email marketing, social media presence, and paper-clicks on Amazon are our three major ways to promote our business. We are both very conscious about the strength of marketing strategies in our business, or actually any business, so for us having the right amount of budget to exploit this area is a must.

What has been your biggest challenge along the way?

Our biggest challenge has been to be recognized. Starting a new company is already very challenging, but creating something from scratch but both different and special is even harder. The hardest part is for us to be able to transmit that special and unique vibe that only Panama has.

Based on your success, what advice would you give others who are just starting out?

Read, listen to podcasts, and read some more. Study a lot about what you’re going to be doing and effective ways to standout and get noticed. Obviously, we’re also going to say that in order to have an effective business you should believe in your product and convince yourself that you love it, and most important WHY you love it. Having a relatively responsible chunk of money as start-up seed also helps a lot but if you do not have a large amount of money available then you can definitely find other options like partnering-up or asking for a loan.


Thanks so much to the Woosh Sunnies team for taking the time to chat with us. You can shop their store here and find them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram by following those links or searching for wooshsunnies.

If you’re interested in being featured in our interview series, get in touch with us! We love sharing our customers’ stories.