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Boosting Customer Loyalty with ByteStand’s FreshCredit for Shopify

ByteStand FreshCredit is a revolutionary tool that will help you drive customer loyalty via Shopify. It’s an IT solution that enables you to assign store credit to your customers seamlessly, hence improving the whole returns management process. Why should it be your go-to solution? We explain this here—read this article to learn the answers!

ByteStand FreshCredit—Features Overview

Before we look at the impact of FreshCredit on customer loyalty, let us briefly introduce the platform to you. It’s an IT solution that works with client profiles in your store. In it, you may assign store credit to your customers that can later be redeemed without the need to input any promo codes. As such, it makes the returns process easier both on your and your customers’ side.

What functionalities does FreshCredit offer for Shopify-based stores? Below, you’ll find a brief overview of the most important ones.

Multiple and Single Customer Credit Assignment

Firstly, FreshCredit enables you to assign shop credit to both single customers and large groups. This makes it a versatile tool—whether you need to complete a single return or provide a large number of customers with compensation for a failed product line, you can do this easily and effortlessly.

Customer Data Import/Export

Another key feature of FreshCredit for Shopify is the ability to import or export data from the shopping platform, namely email and credit amount list. This makes FreshCredit more than an app for assigning shop credit—it allows you to manage and overview the credit balances of all your customers.

Automated Notifications

FreshCredit also holds a major advantage for your business—it can send automated SMS/email notifications to your customers when the credit is added to their balance. This is crucial for maintaining a positive customer experience, letting your buyers wait calmly and know exactly when the extra credit has powered up their wallets.


FresCredit for Shopify is customizable, meaning that you can adjust its interface based on your brand image. This way, you can deliver consistent customer experiences across all steps of the purchase and returns process.

Lack of Redeem Codes

Finally, we also need to mention that the solution does not use promo codes. Instead, credit is directly added to the customer’s profile. The customer can view their balance by clicking on a dedicated button, which will only show for clients whose credit balance is over 0.

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Shopify Returns Management with FreshCredit—The Impact on Customer Loyalty

Knowing what FreshCredit is, we can look closer at its impact on customer loyalty. What features play a crucial role here, and why is it the go-to for building positive customer relationships and boosting customer retention?


Returns are often stressful for your customers, especially since they are already dissatisfied with the product. This makes managing them a challenge but also a major opportunity—if done in the best way possible, your customers will appreciate your store and become your loyal clients. How do you achieve this? By making the returns process simple and intuitive.

FreshCredit will help you with that. By eliminating promo codes from the equation and enabling you to assign store credit easily and quickly, it will accelerate your returns management driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Convenience=More Sales

If you have ever shopped online and redeemed a promo code, you probably realize how strenuous or simply annoying it can be. Sometimes, the codes come as an image, so you cannot even paste them; at other times, it’s difficult to find the box where you type the code. Using promo codes adds stress, time, and inconvenience to the returns process, so…why not forget about them?

With ByteStand store credit, you can eliminate all the issues stemming from using promo codes by providing your customers with a simpler and more intuitive alternative. The result of this? Higher customer loyalty driving an increase in conversions!

The same goes for automated notifications, which are yet another step towards convenience.

Consistency=Positive Experience

Finally, as mentioned in the list of features, FreshCredit’s customizability allows you to deliver consistent customer experiences across all your channels, including Shopify. This enables you to build even higher satisfaction through predictability, or rather intuitiveness—one of the key principles of UX design.

This might seem like a tiny advantage, but it does the trick for your loyal, long-term customers who are returning products for the first time. According to a study conducted by Accenture Interactive and Forrester Consulting, consistency of experience is the second most important customer experience attribute, and with ByteStand Credit, you can ensure it in your store.

The Takeaway

ByteStand FreshCredit is an excellent solution for Shopify-powered online stores since it comes with a plethora of features that will help you build higher customer loyalty. From streamlining returns management to consistency in customer experience—this solution offers you everything you need to take your store to the next level.

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