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There’s a HUGE learning curve when you’re first setting up an online store. From figuring out all the settings and how the technical side works to getting SEO right and optimizing your product pages for higher conversions.

You can spend 38 million hours Googling this stuff, posting questions in forums, contacting help desks, etc. Or you can ask a magical genie to help you get setup and give you all the tips and tricks you need to know.

But where do you find these magical genies? BigCommerce’s one-on-one launch service. Their in-house experts obviously understand the BigCommerce platform, but they’re also trained in ecommerce best practices. So they can give you expert advice on how to optimize your store to get more sales faster.

I know this sounds like an ad for BigCommerce, but I promise they’re not paying me a dime for writing this. I recently got to work with one of their magical genies and was blown away by how helpful he was and how much knowledge he was able to pass on in just one hour. Since I see so many people struggling to get setup, I thought it would be helpful to share the details about their launch service here.

They offer three levels of magical assistance based on how much help you need:

Starter Genie Package

The starter genie will walk you through the entire setup process, making sure your store is designed to launch without a hitch. They’ll help you ensure that everything works flawlessly – from selling products to completing transactions and fulfilling orders. No more clicking and guessing.

Here’s what they help you do:

+ Setup your theme and create your product catalog

+ Configure your payments, shipping and taxes

+ Setup your domain name and security

+ Control panel orientation and support training

+ Optimize everything for a flawless launch

Price: $499

Advanced Genie Package

The advanced genie will provide everything the starter genie does, plus more advanced launch services like discounts, promotions and abandoned cart recovery. You’ll get a personalized launch plan and learn how to drive traffic to your store.

Here’s the bonuses you get with this plan:

+ SEO setup and guidance

+ Social media integration

+ Advanced feature configuration

Price: $999

Expert Genie Package

This genie is like the Elon Musk of online selling – a true mastermind. They’re experts on ecommerce, tech support, social media, marketing, SEO, conversion optimization, ALL THE THINGS.

With this plan you get the knowledge of the starter and advanced genies, plus:

+ Search engine connection guidance

+ Advice on optimizing for higher conversions

+ Complete store backup (don’t lose all your hard work!)

Price: $1,499


The more time you spend just figuring this stuff out, the less time you spend actually running your store and making money. Rather than banging your head against a wall trying to dig through all the info and advice you can find on the internet, just pay a BigCommerce expert to get you setup quickly and painlessly. The amount of time you’ll save alone makes it truly worth it

MCF/FBA Shipping

Fulfill Shopify orders globally through Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment solution using ByteStand. Offer live Amazon rates, Manual rates, or a combination of the two. Increase average order value by selling virtual bundles. Fulfill subscription orders, and orders that come from social media campaigns. United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Mexico locations are supported! And so much more.


Simplify the returns process with store credit to your Shopify store with ByteStand. Retain customer loyalty and sales by offering an easy to use store credit solution. It works seamlessly with checkout and does not require promo codes or complicated processes.

SnapSync Amazon FBA/MCF Sync

Sync pricing and inventory from multiple Amazon marketplaces to Shopify. Avoid errors in inventory calculations across multiple locations with an automated inventory and price sync solution for your Shopify store.

Manage your shipping through Amazon like a 3PL.

Whether you have inventory housed in an Amazon warehouse in the US only or several warehouses throughout the world, ByteStand can be the link between Shopify orders and Amazon fulfillment.

Explore MCF Shipping Solution

Offer store credit without any hassles and retain revenue from customers who have to return products to your store.

Give existing customers the option of store credit instead of a refund. Save the relationship with the customer and allow them to try out other products in your store.

Explore FreshCredit Solution

Sync product inventory and pricing across all of your marketplaces.

Never oversell inventory that doesn’t exist anymore creating friction with customers.

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