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Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PHP, javascript, C, C#, C++ its not French but it might as well be, I’ve tried to pick up programming languages before and it’s been a lot like dipping my toes in hot lava. Painful doesn’t describe the torture of reading “Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby”. How in the world am I going to create an app for Shopify.

Straddling the fine line between  insanity, stupidity or genius I decide to take the plunge and learn what this means:

This my friends is Ruby, not the semi-precious gem stone, but a coding language that I come to find out is what Shopify was created with. Same with Twitter and Airbnb. So I thought if it was good enough for them its gotta be good enough for me. Yes! I have my language. Now what?

How am I going to learn this thing, and where am I going to type this mess? I need a book or video or something a kind soul has put together to explain to a thick headed Lithuanian like myself how to understand this language that looks a lot like hieroglyphics to me.

After many stops and starts I find my savior, in the form of a book, and lucky for me it’s free. From the title of the book I’m hoping the author has a sense of humor, its “Learn Ruby the Hard Way“. This process is going to be hard enough that I need a smile on my face while the tears escape from my eyes. I open the book and in a couple paragraphs I start to smile and even chuckle ever so slightly. Ok, this isn’t going to be too awfully bad. I might even like it a little, we’ll have to see.

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MCF/FBA Shipping

Fulfill Shopify orders globally through Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment solution using ByteStand. Offer live Amazon rates, Manual rates, or a combination of the two. Increase average order value by selling virtual bundles. Fulfill subscription orders, and orders that come from social media campaigns. United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Mexico locations are supported! And so much more.


Simplify the returns process with store credit to your Shopify store with ByteStand. Retain customer loyalty and sales by offering an easy to use store credit solution. It works seamlessly with checkout and does not require promo codes or complicated processes.

SnapSync Amazon FBA/MCF Sync

Sync pricing and inventory from multiple Amazon marketplaces to Shopify. Avoid errors in inventory calculations across multiple locations with an automated inventory and price sync solution for your Shopify store.

Manage your shipping through Amazon like a 3PL.

Whether you have inventory housed in an Amazon warehouse in the US only or several warehouses throughout the world, ByteStand can be the link between Shopify orders and Amazon fulfillment.

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Offer store credit without any hassles and retain revenue from customers who have to return products to your store.

Give existing customers the option of store credit instead of a refund. Save the relationship with the customer and allow them to try out other products in your store.

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Sync product inventory and pricing across all of your marketplaces.

Never oversell inventory that doesn’t exist anymore creating friction with customers.

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