F.A.Q. ByteStand

Getting started

Can ByteStand harm my Amazon or BigCommerce accounts?

No, there is no way we harm either of your accounts. For Amazon we are basically pulling reports from your account, and then for BigCommerce, you control which items you push. If you don’t like something, simply delete the item and start over. There is absolutely no negative impact to either service. For both services we use the data that is publicly available and freely shared.

How do I get the ByteStand app?

Just download the app from the BigCommerce Marketplace, here, follow the directions and you can be up and running in about a minute.

How to Sign up for ByteStand (video)

Do I have to have a FBA account with Amazon?

No, a Marketplace Seller account is all you need.

Does ByteStand handle my product variations?

Yep, sure does! If on Amazon, your products are setup as variations then those same relationships will be carried over into ByteStand and BigCommerce.

How does ByteStand handle my product images?

We pull in the highest resolution images available from either Amazon, manufacturer’s or industry websites. Furthermore, we pull in the highest variation images available and push them all to your BigCommerce store.

In which marketplaces does Bytestand work?

Good news! We work in the US as well as the following marketplaces:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Germany.
Is one BigCommerce theme better than another to work with ByteStand?

Nope. ByteStand is theme independent and will work with any theme you choose.

Which products does ByteStand pull from Amazon?

ByteStand pulls your active FBA and FBM inventory with quantity greater than zero. Basically the stuff you are selling right now.

I am a Pro seller on Amazon. I have a Handmade shop. Do these items transfer?

Yes they do, as long as you have inventory then the SKUs will be pulled in successfully.

The App

Can I Export my Products from ByteStand?

Nope, sorry.

Does ByteStand Track SKUs I Enter Myself?

No, we can’t. ByteStand tracks the SKUs we push by storing the SKU AND the product id from BigCommerce. If we don’t have both of those pieces of information, ByteStand is unaware of the listing and therefore is unable to track.

How do I Know What’s Going On?

After pushing or pulling you can view the status of your request.. Just click on the “cloud” icon in the top right hand corner.

Cloud icon ByteStand

How do I Pull both FBA and Merchant Fulfilled SKUs?

After you’ve downloaded and successfully installed the app, look at the top menu under “Settings”. WIthin Settings you can update which product categories you would like to pull from Amazon.

What do the Different Pull Types Mean?

Pull All Products – This selection pulls all your products, up to your subscribed limit. When the notice appears explaining that your products will be deleted, your products are ONLY deleted from ByteStand, and ONLY those products that have NOT been pushed. We need to do this in order to pull all your products AND keep track of those products in BigCommerce.

Refresh Products – This option updates products that have already been pulled into the app.

Pull New Products – This action pulls new products added since the last pull, or products that have inventory now, but did not when the last pull took place.

What Happens to my Products if I Cancel my Account?

Nothing. Your product information is yours, we just move it around. If you pull once and cancel your account, your items and all the information in your listings will remain. Obviously you won’t have access to ByteStand anymore, but the products you pushed into your store remain.

What Happens When I Push my Products?

You can push all your products to BigCommerce, or you can select the items you want and just push those. If a product does NOT exist, then the product and its variants will be created. If the app has already created the product, then ONLY the attributes you’ve selected in the settings will be updated. In either case, no items that were pulled into BigCommerce by the app will be duplicated.

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