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F.A.Q. FBA Shipping

F.A.Q. FBA Shipping

Getting started

How do I retrieve my Amazon credentials?

There are instructions right next to where you enter your credentials, but we’ve also included some pretty pictures below. Just follow these steps and in less than 5 minutes you’ll be up and running.

What do I need to get started?

For our app to work you will need Real Time Carrier Calculated Shipping to be enabled on your Shopify account. Real Time Carrier Calculated shipping is a setting on your Shopify account, but if that sounds a lot like gibberish, give Shopify a call and they can clarify. The phone numbers are below. It might be free if you paid for you Shopify subscription annually, or it might cost $20 or the equivalent. Don’t let them tell you, that you have to upgrade your account to “advanced” or “unlimited”, you don’t.

  • North America:: 1-888-746-7439
  • United Kingdom:: 0800-808-5233
  • Australia:: 03-8400-4750
  • New Zealand:: 07-788-6026
  • Singapore:: 800-181-1121

Setting Up

How do I enter my shipping methods?

This is where you determine what you will charge your customers for which shipping speeds. You can either pass along all of the shipping fees, discount them, or offer free shipping. Outside the US Amazon only offers the two shipping speeds, Standard and Expedited.

We’ve explained the fields below, but please make sure to save each tab. Otherwise your settings will not be saved.

  1. The tabs across the top define which shipping speeds Amazon offers in your country
  2. In order to offer this shipping speed, you need to enable it by checking this box
  3. This box is where you enter the amount above, which would be positive, or below, which would be negative, the total fees Amazon will charge you to fulfill an order. If you don’t enter anything, the customer will be charged the same amount you will be charged by Amazon to fulfill their order.
  4. Select this box to offer free shipping.
  5. Enter the total cart amount the user will need to purchase in order to recieve free shipping for this specific shipping speed. If you enter nothing, they will be offered free shipping on any purchase amount.
  6. Finally, you need to save your updates for each shipping speed. Not just one save for all shipping speeds.

How do I set up my products? Non-US Amazon account holders

You just need to setup your products to be fulfilled by the ByteStand service. You can do this individually or with Shopify’s bulk editor. If you want to do it individually you’ll find the fulfillment service within the details of each product. When you go to edit a product, scroll down about half way and within the “Shipping” section of your product there is a “Fulfillment Service”. Just make sure that its set too “Bytestand”. To bulk edit just make sure “Fulfillment Service” is shown and edit away! One note, ByteStand the fulfillment service will only appear after you have saved a shipping speed.

How do I set up my products? US Amazon account holders

Make sure that you have correctly setup Amazon FBA as a fulfillment option. To do this in your store go to settings >> shipping then at the bottom is “Dropshipping and fulfillment”. Click the “Manage Services” link and you should see Amazon. Just follow those instructions and you are done with this step.

What SKU should I use?

You need to make sure that the SKU on Shopify matches your SKU on Amazon FBA. ASIN or UPC will not work.


Can I manually or auto-fulfill orders?

If you choose to automatically fulfill your orders your done! Your orders will automatically be sent to, and fulfilled by your Amazon FBA account. However, if you choose to manually fulfill your orders, you will have to, you guessed it, manually fulfill your orders. To do that just go to your orders page, click on the order you’d like to fulfill. You will see a blue “continue” button, next to the description “Buy Postage and Ship Order”. Click that button.

How are my orders fulfilled?

You can either automatically fulfill your FBA orders or manually fulfill them. Either way works perfectly with FBA Shipping by ByteStand. You just need to update your Shopify settings to tell your store what you want to do.
These settings are in your Shopify Admin under settings >> checkout >> order processing

When you get there you are presented with the options outlined below.


Why aren’t rates showing up on my checkout page?

Typically one of four things is happening.

  1. You don’t have inventory at Amazon to fulfill the order. So check your inventory.
  2. Amazon will not ship your product to the desired destination. This varies product to product and is determined at the whim of Amazon. Make sure to check that your item ships to the destination.
  3. Make sure the SKU on Shopify matches your SKU on Amazon. They have to match, and if they don’t we cannot get shipping rates for you.
  4. Finally make sure your product has “ByteStand” as the fulfillment service.

I wish we could provide a warning message on the checkout page, but there currently isn’t a way to do this on the Shopify platform.

Why is only one shipping speed showing up?

Amazon only provides one shipping speed, Standard, when shipping between countries in the EU.