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FBA Shipping

What is FBA Shipping?

FBA Shipping connects your US & non-US FBA account with your Shopify store, allowing you to finally leverage the power of Amazon FBA around the world. Once setup your orders can automagically be sent to and fulfilled by Amazon FBA. Through the power of the internets we automatically pull in shipping status updates and tracking numbers. The app pulls in updates every minute, and automatically emails your customer when their item ships. With FBA Shipping never worry about shipping or customer updates again.

Take advantage of Amazon’s latest offerings like the blank box program, and the ability to exclude Amazon logistics. Plus we offer a multitude of features to simplify even the most complex of requirements with features like virtual bundles, rate name mapping, live rates at checkout and connecting all your worldwide Amazon accounts.

Check out FBA Shipping’s Amazing features:

  • Inventory and price sync from Amazon to Shopify.
    • Every sync plan comes with a automatic 8 hour sync which allows us to manage your ‘Available’ inventory quantity from Amazon to Shopify and your products ‘list’ price. Or upgrade to a 30 minute sync for a faster turn around time.
  • Our Virtual Bundle feature assists you in quickly mapping your physical FBA SKUs to your Amazon virtual bundle SKUs and more.
    • No virtual product/SKU inside of Amazon Seller Central? Do you offer automatic discounts for products purchased in bulk? What if your SKUs in Shopify do not match your Amazon SKUs? No problem!  Learn more Here!
  • Send your external Shopify orders to Amazon MCF. Including orders from Etsy, eBay, Instagram, Mirakl, Facebook, and more.
    • If you are importing orders into Shopify this is a must have feature! Did you know? Amazon will only accept MCF orders that have specific delivery methods. Typically, these imported Shopify orders are created with non-amazon delivery methods in Shopify which causes Amazon order fulfillment issues. This is no longer a concern with our Import feature.   
  • Request fulfillment of your subscription and upsell orders.
    • This feature is similar to the Import order feature above. It acts as a delivery method translation tool! Whether you are using a Subscription app or Upsell app, if they change your MCF orders delivery methods we can translate those to words Amazon will understand.
  • Block Amazon transportation from delivering your MCF orders.
    • Block Amazon vans or trucks from entering your customers driveways and route your orders to your local carriers automatically. 
  • United States merchants utilize Amazon’s blank box program.
    • Yes, Amazon offers the blank box program on MCF orders created in Amazon Seller Central. But, did you know routing MCF orders via a API is treated differently by Amazon? US merchant can now utilize Amazon’s blank box program via our API.

For more app enhancement details and pricing check out our Knowledge Base.


Let Amazon fulfill your Shopify orders automatically – you don’t have to lift a finger.


Customers automatically get order updates and tracking info from Amazon through your store.


Amazon charges you less in fees for Shopify orders than for Amazon orders.

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2300+ happy customers & counting

“Wonderful. Shipping works fine even in offshore locations like the EU, and their support is excellent. Since we don’t want to ship manually all the time, we wouldn’t know what we’d do without you, Bytestand! Thank you.”

-Smart Pilot

How do I get FBA Shipping?

How easy is FBA Shipping?

Using the customers shipping information, cart data and your Amazon seller account, we send really REALLY fast carrier pigeons(or the Amazon API) out to Amazon. Once there, they pick up all the Amazon fulfillment fees then turns around and provides these fees to you the store owner. We then look at the settings within your account to provide the final fees to your customers.

Our app is embedded in the admin section of your store, works through Shopify, and if you type fast, can be setup in less than five minutes. To get setup we just need a few identifying pieces of information from your Amazon account, plus your shipping rules and you’re done.

We are here to help! Use the link above to schedule a app demo with us before installing the app. We are also here for merchants that have already installed the app but have set up questions and for our merchants that have used the app for years and would like to try out some new features! Contact us 24/7 by email at Help_me@bytestand.com.

Monday-Friday 9AM to 6PM Eastern US time call us at 704-489-3578 or chat us in the app or on the website!