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F.A.Q. FreshCredit

F.A.Q. FreshCredit

Getting started

Does FreshCredit use codes or coupons?

FreshCredit does not use codes, coupons or anything other than cold hard cash.

Will FreshCredit work with my theme?

Yes, we’ve tested FreshCredit against as many themes as we can get our hands on, and we’ve put in enough safety measures so that it works universally. With that said, there is always going to be one that doesn’t work. And if this happens to you, just shoot us a note and we should be able to resolve your issue in just a couple clicks. The easiest way to reach us is at the bottom of the page.

Does FreshCredit allow shoppers to carry a balance?

Yes we do, that’s the beauty of FreshCredit, no one time discount codes, just cold hard cash. This let’s your shoppers use as much or as little of their credit as they like.

If I change my theme does FreshCredit still work?

Sure does! Just use the “reinstall” button underneath the user icon. Change is good, and we don’t want to stand in the way.

The App

How do I add credit to a customers account?

The app is embedded into your store admin. So open up the back end of your store, go to your apps section, open up FreshCredit and there will be a table with all your customers displayed. Simply add any amount to the “Credit Amount” column in the table and it will automatically display to your shoppers.

Do my shoppers have to login in order to see their store credit?

Yep, they sure do. That’s how we track and update store credit within your store.

What happens if I change my theme?

Not a problem! We’ve got you covered. Just click on the icon in the top right corner. There you will see a “reinstall” option. Just click that, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can click once and re-install the app on your new theme. We’ve made it as painless as can be, if you can click twice, you can re-install the app on your new theme.

If I refund an order that a shopper used credit on, will the credit be re-applied to their account?

It sure will! You don’t have to do anything and the credit will be re-applied to the shoppers account.

If I refund a customers order do they automatically get store credit?

No. We didn’t want to apply store credit to customers accounts without the shop owner knowing about it. So if you would like to give a shopper credit, just open the app and apply however much credit you would like to apply to the shoppers account.

How does FreshCredit show up in the Shopify sales reports?

FreshCredit will appear as just another discount in all your sales reports, exactly the same as if it was a discount code used within the checkout. Plus FreshCredit has an admin panel where shop owners can view all their customers current and pending balances.

Is FreshCredit mobile friendly?

Does a bear sh*t in the woods? Damn skippy we’re mobile friendly and proud of it! Try us out on any mobile device you have laying around the house. We’ll work just fine.

Can shoppers use FreshCredit and another discount code?

No, I’m sorry but Shopify only allows one discount/credit per order.

What is "Pending Credit"?

Pending credit is credit that has been used in an order, but the order has not yet been fulfilled by the shop owner. Once fulfilled the credit moves to complete and out of pending.

Do I have to do anything if a new customer is added to my store?

Nope, not a thing. We listen for, and automatically pull down all your new customers.

What about customer updates? Do those get pulled into FreshCredit?

They sure do, once FreshCredit is installed we track and maintain new and existing customers.