How to Automate Amazon FBA Shipping for Shopify

Yes, you are absolutely correct. Shopify does come with FBA Shipping already integrated. But have you ever actually set it up? It works fantastically well if all your customers are in exactly the same place, order exactly the same thing, and Amazon ships from the exact same warehouse.

Shopify Amazon FBA

If that’s your situation, read no more and head over to your Shopify store and set it up!

Otherwise, we’re here to help. There is no way to accurately predict all your shipping costs, across your entire product catalogue. Let alone when a customer buys more than 1 item. Then what do you do, because Shopify isn’t going to combine rates.

So now what?

Shopify with FBA Shipping

Download FBA Shipping by ByteStand from the App Store. It provides real time Amazon rates to your customers. If you sold an “I love Cheese” t-shirt along with a 50 lb. wheel of smoked Gouda, and it needs to go to Hawaii via Priority shipping, we’ve got you covered. Even better you’ll no long have to guess at shipping costs to all 50 states, for all your products.

I’ll stop typing here, and just start talking. Watch the below video if you’d like to see how it easy it is to setup FBA Shipping by ByteStand. And yes, that’s my southern drawl on the video.

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