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How to Easily Pick Fonts for your Shopify Store

Up until now picking fonts for a Shopify store, has been a lot like getting a drink in the middle of the night. Lots of fumbling around in the dark, knocking my head against walls, only to be blinded by the choices inside my fridge.

I’ve also been blinded by the available font choices. They are limitless, and then you’ll more than likely want more than one font. This just multiplies your choices exponentially.

While wading through this abundance of choices, there is the voice in the back of your head that keeps getting louder. “I don’t really care about fonts, serif, sans serif or otherwise, I just want to sell my stuff!!” When that voice gets loud enough I end up picking the first two fonts that look okay, putting them in a site and moving on.

Best Fonts for Shopify

Obviously that’s not the best way to pick fonts. Fonts communicate you’re brand with every word read. So in order to make this important process much less painful we’ve put together some must use resources in helping you pick your fonts.

ByteStand for Shopify - fonts


Typically what I imagine most people do is open up MS Word, and start typing and changing fonts. This leads to a list of fonts spread out over multiple pages in a word document you may or may not save. Wordmark improves this process immensely. What it does is allow you to view a wide selection of fonts, and then tag and save them so you don’t have to page thru Word documents or various notes. It’s a centralized place to view, sort and organize all your font choices in one easy to use place.

Now, you can organize your fonts with Wordmark, but how do you know which to choose? There is an avalanche of resources out there explaining what fonts accomplish, and the difference in serif and sans-serif, modern and old world. But I still come back to “I don’t really care about fonts, I need to sell!” Set me up with some nice looking fonts, available in my store and lets roll!

With that in mind I think the best way to find perfect fonts and font combinations is Canva.

Fonts for Shopify


It is SUPER simple, in that it asks you to choose a starting font, and then provides another font that matches, along with the name of the font and some example text. You can be in and out in 5 minutes with a great looking font combination.

Stop fumbling around in the dark and use the above two resources to easily improve the look and feel of your Shopify store.

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