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How to Find Trending Products for Your Online Store + 6 New Trends for 2018

You can have the most beautiful web designamazing photos and the perfect business name, but if your products are shit, your business will be shit. Choosing the right products to sell online is vital to having a successful ecommerce store.

So how do you choose the right products? You’ve got to do a little research.

Finding Best Selling Products Online

A good place to start is Amazon’s best sellers. You probably don’t want to go head-to-head with the highest sellers, but you can get an idea of what kinds of products are trending. Don’t get too overwhelmed by all the info here, just get a few ideas for different products you might be interested in selling.

Take those products and plug them into a service like Unicorn Smasher or AMZ Scout. You’ll get all kinds of juicy data like estimated monthly sales, competitor info and fee calculators.

Another option is to plug your product ideas into Google Trends. This tool lets you see search volumes over time to see whether demand is increasing or not and any seasonal ups and downs. You can even see user interest based on geographic location, which can help with ad targeting.

I’ve taken the liberty of looking into a few trending products for you as a starting point. Check it:

6 Trending Products for 2018

Note that the graphs below cover a time span of two years to show any seasonal trends. Be wary of huge upswings in popularity when looking at similar graphs elsewhere – either the time span is much longer (a decade or more) or the product is a fad rather than a trend (think fidget spinners).

1. Avocado Oil

A few years ago coconut oil was all the rage. That shit is old now. The new thing is Avocado Oil. Influencers and gurus are touting tons of different uses for it. Like using it in your food to add healthy fats or eating a tablespoon per day to lose weight. Rubbing it on your face to look younger or washing your butt with it to reduce cellulite. You can probably even pour it all over your lawn to grow dollar bills. All I know is that it’s selling like hot cakes.

2. Charging Backpacks

Charging Backpacks weren’t even a thing a few years ago. Now they’re what’s good. They’ve got built-in power banks so you never have to worry about your laptop or other devices dying while you’re out and about. Most come with anti-theft safety measures and some even have built-in solar chargers.

Keto Bars

There’s always a new diet fad coming around – South Beach, Atkins, Paleo, on and on – so it’s best to jump on these while they’re hot and ride the wave until the next one pops up. Keto is in style right now, and people want a convenient way to hit their Keto macros. Hence, Keto Bars and other convenience foods are surging in popularity.

Tassel Earrings

The boho trend started a few years ago, and this is the latest hot trend to spinoff from it. Tassel earrings are perfect for those Instagram traveling yoga models you see sipping cold brew lattes on some tropical beach. Or, you know, for normal ladies who wish they could spend their days practicing yoga poolside instead of going to their actual jobs.

Vape Juice

Smoking cigarettes is so passé. The new thing is spewing cotton candy watermelon mouth clouds all over the place. Vape juice is super inexpensive if you buy it wholesale and you can make a ton of cash if you get your hands on cool new flavors. Be warned though, many sites have restrictions on ads for e-cigarette related products.

Video Doorbell

Regular doorbells are as dead as landlines. It’s all about video doorbells now. Just another part of the smart home trend (hint: lots of product ideas in that niche).


In the ecommerce world, your products are your business. Choosing the right products is the first step in making it a success.