How to Keep Your Inventory in Sync with Amazon: ByteStand Settings Overview

So you’ve installed ByteStand on your Shopify or BigCommerce store and done your first pull and push. All your product listings have been brought into your store from Amazon, including your titles, descriptions, images, inventory quantities, prices, etc. AMAZING!

But you’re not quite done yet. If you want to keep all that info updated so that ByteStand can sync your inventory changes, price changes and any other changes between Amazon and your store, you’ll need to set up the Scheduler.

How Do I Set Up Automatic Updates?

For an extra $5/month, the Scheduler automates the pull and push of your inventory from Amazon to your store. Just click the “Activate Scheduler” button to set it up.

ByteStand Scheduler

You can set it up to run automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can also chose to do a pull and push or just a pull if you prefer to manually push selected items. You’ll then choose your pull type, push type and when you want it to run.

Once you set up the Scheduler, it will automatically keep everything in sync as scheduled. Totally hands-free.

How Can I Do Manual Updates?

What if you don’t want to pay the extra $5/month or you just prefer doing things manually? We gotcha covered.

You can manually update all your data in 2 clicks – Pull from Amazon, Push to Shopify/BigCommerce.

ByteStand Manual Updates

You can do that as often as you like. You can do a manual push even if you’ve already set up the Scheduler. Just keep in mind that you have to wait for the pull to complete before you can start a push.

Choosing What Data to Update – Pull Settings

Click on Settings and you’ll find the pull settings at the top of the screen.

ByteStand Pull Settings

In the pull settings, you can choose to pull just FBA products, just FBM products or both. You can also choose whether or not ByteStand pulls updated prices, quantities, descriptions or images. Just uncheck the boxes next to the attributes you don’t want updated and save.

Choosing What Data to Update – Push Settings

The push settings are just below the pull settings.

ByteStand Push Settings

In the push settings, you can create options for a single variant. What does that mean? When only one variant exists, variant info (like size and color) is not shown, unless it’s in the title. Checking this box is a way to create a drop down for that variant info. So if your product title doesn’t include variant details and you want to show that info in a drop down menu, check this box.

You can also choose whether or not ByteStand pushes updates to your titles, descriptions, images, compare at prices, regular prices, quantities, product types, vendors or product weights.

A couple of examples:

If you only want the app to update the quantities of your FBA products, you would uncheck everything except the FBA option at the top and the quantity attributes in both sections.

If you want to have different titles on your store than on Amazon, just uncheck the box next to Title in the push settings. That way you can make whatever changes you like to your titles in your store and the app won’t overwrite those changes with the titles on Amazon.

Other ByteStand Settings

Near the bottom of the settings screen, you can choose to deny or allow customers to order out of stock products.

If you’re on Shopify, you have one more setting – fulfillment service. Shopify requires that you have a fulfillment service set up if you’re selling FBA products, so you’ll get an error if you try to push products to your store without doing that.

You can use our FBA Shipping app as a fulfillment service that automatically sends your store’s orders to Amazon. Or you can set up another fulfillment service of your choice.

Once you get a fulfillment service set up on your store, you’ll be able to click that box and select the option you set up.

ByteStand Fulfillment Service

Be sure to click Save after making any changes to your settings.

About the Author

Gennifer is the Marketing Manager at ByteStand, where she lives and breathes customer service education while sipping coffee in her pajamas.

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