After I push the products to Shopify can I edit them?

What if I want to edit parts of my product listings in Shopify?

Look at the top menu under “Settings”. Within Settings you can update which product categories you would like to pull from Amazon.

It is also important to know that you can edit the types of information the app pulls or pushes for you…after the initial pull and push. Initially you must pull all products that are active and in stock; up to your plan limit. After that you can actually make edits to your product listings in Shopify AND then come to your settings in Bytestand and ensure the app does not override your manual changes to products in Shopify.

For example: If you push your products to Shopify, edit the product titles in Shopify, you would then want to come back to the ByteStand app, click on Settings, uncheck ‘Title’ and then Save! That way the next time you pull and push data the titles will not be overwritten in Shopify!

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