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Amazon Credentials

How do I retrieve my Amazon credentials?

There are instructions right next to where you enter your credentials inside of the apps, but we’ve also included some pretty pictures below! Just follow these steps and in less than 5 minutes you’ll be up and running!

In the photo below you can see how the Credential page looks like for the FBA Shipping app. It is the same for the ByteStand Amazon Import app. See the boxes highlighted in red? Depending on the country your marketplace is located in click on the appropriate video!

Or! Just click on one of the YouTube videos below!

US Credentialshttps://youtu.be/-iWlFyX0254

Outside of the US Credentialshttps://youtu.be/p4RwqegRc9s

After watching our quick video copy and paste your credentials into the correct app and then SAVE your credentials. There are 2 buttons you must click in order to save your credentials. See below.

If this is the first time saving your credentials you will be sent to a Shopify Payment page. Accept the 7 day free trial and you are good to go!