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I can’t find my Amazon mcf orders in the ByteStand app

If you can see your Amazon MCF orders inside Shopify but not inside the order page of the ByteStand MCF/FBA Shipping app there are two main areas you need to check in Shopify.

  • Status of the order
  • Location of the order

Status of the order

*May 2023 Update.* If your orders are in the Unfulfilled status in Shopify that means that the orders have not been sent to Amazon MCF for fulfillment. Unfulfilled orders are not pulled into the Order page of the ByteStand app.

To verify the status of your order(s) navigate to the Order page inside of Shopify. Look to the right at the status of your order(s). Orders with a yellow Unfulfilled status have not been sent to Amazon.

The most common reason for Unfulfilled statuses is due to the stores ‘automatic fulfillment’ settings. This means automatic fulfillment was disabled in your Shopify store settings when the orders were placed. This is a easy fix for future orders, which we will talk about below. In order to send your current order(s) to Amazon via the ByteStand app click on the order(s) one at a time. Press the green button that says ‘Request Fulfillment’…

Then, follow the prompts to ‘Send Fulfillment Request’

Upon completion, the status of your order will change to ‘In Progress.’ You have now sent the order to Amazon via the ByteStand App. Amazon takes up to 10 minutes to Accept or even Reject orders. Once Amazon accepts or rejects the order you will see the order populate in the Order page of the app. Which will include the orders Amazon Order ID and status.

Location of the orders

The ‘Location’ of the order is assign by Shopify. A location is a fulfillment service. Shopify assigns the location of an order based off the products ‘Stocked At’

To check your orders location go to Shopify, click on Orders, and click on one of the orders to see details of the order. At the top of the order look for ‘Location.’ Does the Location say anything other than ‘FBA Shipping?’ See below for an example:

If the Location does not say ‘FBA Shipping’. That means the SKUs in the order have a location other than FBA Shipping. It could also be that the products were NOT set to FBA Shipping when the order was placed.

See the below screenshot showing how to change this.

Use the video below as guidance. This video also contains information on how to set up your Shipping profile correctly in Shopify. (If you are using live Amazon rates.)


Take a moment to watch the video and adjust your FBA products ‘Stocked At’ to FBA Shipping. Do not forget to Save your changes in Shopify.

After you make the ‘Stocked At’ change to the products your future FBA orders will have a Location of ‘FBA Shipping.’

Past orders

ByteStand cannot fix orders that are assigned to other locations. The store will need to recreate those orders as MCF orders directly in Amazon Seller Central.

To submit an order through Amazon’s MCF program open up your seller central dashboard and go to your FBA Inventory, select the checkbox next to a FBA product, at the top of that product table is an “action” button, click that and in the drop down select “fulfillment order”. Follow the steps Amazon leads you thru.

Do you need to turn on Automatic fulfillment for your Amazon MCF orders?

For your future Shopify MCF orders you can turn ‘automatic fulfillment’ on in your Shopify settings. This ensures you will no longer have to ‘Request Fulfilment’ for future orders.

Here is a video on how you turn on Automatic Fulfillment within Shopify! 

If you are manually shipping some items through a 3PL.

Turning on auto fulfillment for stores that fulfill all orders through ByteStand and Amazon is great! This also means that ‘manual’ orders will be marked as ‘auto fulfilled’ immediately. Sending the customer an email that the order has been placed and within a few moments a second email that says the order has been shipped. This is a good option if you ship your manual orders within 24 hours of receiving the orders.

By keeping automatic fulfillment turned off, Amazon MCF orders sent to Amazon will sit in the Order tab on Shopify. When the store clicks on the orders and ‘Requests Fulfillment.’ The order is then sent to Amazon for fulfillment. This method ensures that your manual orders being sent to your warehouse are not shown as fulfilled and emails are not sent to customers until you decide to send them.

I suggest to make the decision off of the amount of orders you receive. If you receive more FBA orders to Amazon I would keep auto fulfill on. If you receive more manual orders to your manual warehouse, I would keep auto fulfill off.