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Bytestand Amazon Import Definitions

ByteStand Amazon Import Definitions

Here is a cheat sheet for understanding the ByteStand Amazon Import lingo!

Pull/Push All – This is the most robust. The app simply pulls all product data and pushes all product data. Up to the SKU limit in your plan! We suggest this option as it is simplest.

Pull – Refresh – This will only update those data elements defined in your “Pull Settings” see screenshot: https://nimb.ws/Mf9KnJ

Pull New – This will only pull those products newly added since the last pull.

Push Not Pushed – Push those products that have NOT been pushed in the past.

Update Pushed – Update only those products that HAVE been pushed.

Push Settings – This section defines which data elements are pushed into a store. See screenshot: https://nimb.ws/dgxb3n The first time a product is created ALL data elements are PUSHED. The app has to do this or Shopify will not let us create the product. After the first push the shop can update certain elements are choose NOT to push those again, which allows you to keep any manual updates to product listings in Shopify!

Pull Settings – These are the settings that tell us what data to pull into ByteStand. See screenshot: https://nimb.ws/fw1yMx

Create options for single variant – Typically Amazon will have the size/color in the title of children products BUT not in the parent. So if we push a product that is just a variant, we will use the parent title. So there is the potential for a shopper to not know what color or size a product is. If this option is checked, in these cases we will create a variant so that shoppers will see a drop down on the product page, that will contain the variant details. Meaning size/color or whatever data element that describes the product.

In the product table inside ByteStand you can click on a couple of areas!

Product title – This will take you to the Amazon listing on Amazon.

Pushed At – This will take you to the Shopify product listing.

Pulled at – This will also take you to the Amazon listing.

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