Can I edit an order and resend it to Amazon?

I’ve made an edit to an order and want to resend it to Amazon for fulfillment. Why won’t Amazon fulfill it?

Once an order has been created and a fulfillment request has been sent to Amazon the order cannot be resent. You will have to recreate the order through a draft or submit the order manually through Seller Central.

To submit an order through Amazon’s MCF program open up your seller central dashboard and go to your FBA Inventory, select the checkbox next to a FBA product, at the top of that product table is an “action” button, click that and in the drop down select “fulfillment order”. Then simply follow the steps Amazon leads you thru and you will be able to place an order to be fulfilled by Amazon.

Below is a video that shows you how to correctly create a draft order. When you create a draft order you do not have to manually enter in the customer shipping information or product data. But, you MUST include a Shipping rate. See below.

Video on Draft orders:

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