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Can store credits automatically expire?

Can I automatically set credits to expire and add to a customers account?

Good News! As of April of 2022 a merchant CAN set a customers store credit to Expire! Yahoooo!

Just click on the customer and a pop up will appear! Here you can add credit to the customer, subtract credit, add a note, or add a experation date!

Keep in mind ANY experation date you set for a customer applies to that customers TOTAL active credit. So, if the customer has $100 of active credit on the date of experation, that TOTAL amount will expire!

Feature updates we are working on!

  1. The ability to set rules in the app for automatic experation dates. For example: Would you like all of your customers credit to expire on December 31st of 2022? You will be able to do this automatically in the future!
  2. The ability to give automatic credit! So you don’t have to log on and do this manually every time!