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How to guide your customers to use their store credit

How can I guide my customers to use store credit?

Your first line of defense as a FreshCredit merchant is to enable notifications in the app. By enabling the ‘credit added’ feature in the FreshCredit app you can automatically send email and SMS communications to customers. This alerts your customers that you have given them store credit.

To learn how to enable Notifications in your store watch the video below.

You can edit the notification sent to your customers in the app. Take a moment to play around with the shortcodes. And use the ‘shop_name’ or ‘login_url’ shortcode to identify your store in the email.

What do the customers receive?

The customer will receive a email or SMS notification based on what you have enabled in the app. Customers should follow the information in the communication in order to log into their customer account on your store. The customer can then place items in their online cart, ‘grab’ their store credit, and use the widget to check out.

Check out the video below for guidance, you can even send this video to your customers! Here is the YouTube link: https://youtu.be/Rz9VmkUrSFE