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Does ByteStand handle my product variations?

Does ByteStand handle my product variations?

Yep, sure does! If on Amazon, your products are setup as variations then those same relationships will be carried over into ByteStand and Shopify.

It is important to note that when ‘relationships’ are copied from Amazon to Shopify those relationships must stay the same in Shopify. For example: If a product is a child SKU in Amazon and it is brought over to Shopify with its Parent SKU, the child cannot be separated from the parent in Shopify into it’s own product page. If children variations are separated or rearranged in Shopify the connection to Amazon is lost. We agree that this is frustrating and as soon as we find a different option we will be sure to implement that!

In the meantime we suggest the following to merchants. If you just needed ByteStand Amazon Import to pull your product listings from Amazon and place them in Shopify once you can actually uninstall ByteStand and use our SnapSync app to continuously manage and update your product inventory quantities and prices.

SnapSync updates your inventory quantities in Shopify by connecting your Shopify SKUs with your Amazon SKUs. And SnapSync does not require that your SKUs ‘be a certain way’ For Example: the variations do not have to be attached to the parents, variations can be sorted differently, etc!

Here is SnapSync in the App store https://apps.shopify.com/simplesync-amazon-fba-sync

Here is a video showing you how to set up the SnapSync app, it takes 2 minutes! https://youtu.be/KWie1jywTes

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