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My Shopify MCF orders are failing! Failed orders…Why?

If you have failed orders in your Shopify and ByteStand app this page will help you identify the issue.

  • Why do my orders say Request Declined in Shopify?
  • Why does the order say Failed inside of the ByteStand app?
  • Why did Amazon reject my order??
  • What does it all mean?

My failed order says ‘Request Declined’ in Shopify

If a Shopify order has a status of Request Declined in Shopify that means Amazon has rejected the order. For your convenience we have added a Order page in our app. You can navigate to the Order page of the MCF app to troubleshoot rejected orders.

mcf shipping home page

If your failed orders have a ‘red’ status in the app that says:

  • Amazon Cannot Fulfill
  • Amazon Marked Invalid
  • Failed

You can click on those red error warnings and a pop up will appear, giving you more info as to why the order was rejected by Amazon! See the most common ‘failed’ error warnings below!

failed orders
why did my order fail

Reasons for failed order on Shopify

Seller is blocked or suspended from selling

Seller is blocked or suspended from selling in the target marketplace. This means that Amazon has blocked the stores Amazon account from participating in the MCF program. Amazon will not share specifics with us at ByteStand and ByteStand will not know why Amazon is blocking the account. The store can use the tip below to try to find out why the Amazon account has been blocked from the MCF program.

  • Log into your Amazon Seller central account.
  • Use the menu to the upper left…it looks like 3 lines.
  • Click on Orders
  • And click ‘Create MCF Order’
  • The goal is not to place a MCF order BUT to try and receive shipping rates directly from Amazon SC! More than likely they will not provide shipping rates but give you a detailed error warning instead.
  • On the order page enter a US shipping address and on step 2. add a product. You will see the error warning now pop up to the right.

After receiving a detailed error message you will want to reach out to Amazon Seller Support to resolve the account issue.

Once the Amazon account issue is resolved the store can ‘re-request fulfilment’ of the past order(s) and send them back to Amazon for fulfillment and your new orders should process just fine.


This order cannot be fulfilled due to Brexit preventing cross-border fulfillment via EFN and Pan-European FBA starting December 28, 2020. To maintain your European sales, you will need to send products to fulfillment centers in the UK and the EU. Click HERE for more details.

  • Amazon will no longer allow MCF orders to ship from the UK to the rest of the EU or vice versa. It would be best to manually ship orders with this error or cancel the order and refund the customer in Shopify!

Shipping speed issue

Delivery SLA is not available for given destination address. This may mean we are unable to meet the provided shippingSpeedCategory.

  • Check the ‘delivery method’ of the order in Shopify! This error usually populates with orders trying to ship ‘Priority’ or ‘Expedited.’ Especially if your store is using manual shipping rates! Sometimes Amazon may not be able to promise a 1 day shipping time frame so they reject the order completely! In cases like this, it is best to try to recreate the order directly in Amazon Seller Central as a MCF order! When you do this, take note of the shipping speeds Amazon offers you! More than likely they will only offer ‘Standard.’ So, at that point you KNOW the speed of Expedited or Priority was the issue!
  • This can also happen with orders being shipped to military bases or PO Boxes. Specifically in locations similar to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Islands, or Alaska.
  • Just create the order in Amazon as a MCF order and leave the original Shopify order alone in Shopify. You can leave it in the ‘Request Declined’ status on Shopify! As the order will be shipped out directly from Amazon through Seller central.
  • To submit an order through Amazon’s MCF program open up your seller central dashboard and go to the upper left hand menu. Select ‘Orders’ and then ‘Create MCF Order’ Then simply follow the steps Amazon leads you thru and you will be able to place an order to be fulfilled by Amazon.

Invalid Rate Name – delivery method

Order contains an invalid rate name

  • This means the ‘rate name’ or ‘delivery method’ in your Orders in Shopify is different than the rate cards that the store created in the MCF Shipping app….the rate titles in the app and in the Shopify orders must match! This is because Amazon will only accept MCF orders with the words ‘Standard, Priority, or Expedited’ And you must use the ‘Rate’ page in our app to map your ‘Rate names’ to one of the 3 words Amazon will accept.
  • The below is an example: In our app if the rate name says something like ‘Standard Shipping’
invalid rate name, check your rate cards in the app.
  • But, then your orders ‘Delivery Method’ or rate name is….blank… or anything other than what you created in our app on the ‘Rate’ page.
check your failed orders delivery method
  • That is the issue. As we have to map the orders ‘delivery methods’ to one of the 3 words Amazon will accept from the app which are ‘Standard, Priority, and Expedited.
  • To solve this you can always create a rate card in the FBA Shipping app that says the same thing as your ‘delivery method’ in your failed orders….and then return to Shopify and ‘Request Fulfillment’ of the orders again. Once the failed orders are approved the store can delete the ‘rate card’ from the app!

If you are getting the above error with Imported Orders into Shopify see this page: How to send Imported Shopify orders to Amazon with ByteStand.

Of if you are getting the above error warning with Subscription orders see this page: How to send Subscription orders to Amazon with ByteStand

Incorrect Product SKU

The SellerSKU for Item Id: ESWQNDOU is invalid.

  • This error warning means that a SKU in the order is either incorrect or that Amazon does not recognize that SKU in your Amazon Marketplace. In the above example Amazon has created a randomized SKU for their error message. We are unsure why Amazon chooses to create a random SKU for the error message, as it would be easier to understand if they’d include the exact SKU there is a issue with.
  • It is best to then check all of the SKUs in the affected order in Shopify and compare them to the SKUs in your Amazon Seller Central. Amazon is very particular and the SKUS from Amazon to Shopify must match EXACTLY. Spaces, upper-case, hyphens, all must match.
  • If the SKU(s) are incorrect in the order and do not match their exact SKU in Amazon Seller Central it is best to re-create the entire order directly in Amazon Seller Central so Amazon can ship the order.
  • You will also want to take a moment to correct the product SKU(s) inside of Shopify on their product page to prevent this issue in future orders.

Incorrect address

Value Invalid for parameter Address is invalid. Reason: 1 error: The field Address has an invalid value .

  • Amazon received the fulfillment request for the order but then rejected the order due to the customers address. This can be common in marketplaces like Japan or Australia. We cannot ‘force’ this order to Amazon Seller Central. Because in real time Amazon is checking the customers shipping address and telling us they will not delivery MCF products there. So it may not be that the address is ‘incorrect’ but also, that Amazon will just not ship MCF orders to that location. Please try to recreate the order as a MCF order directly in Amazon Seller Central with the same exact address and see if they will even accept the order directly on Amazon SC.
  • If Shopify will let you edit the address of the order in Shopify, you may attempt to do so and then ‘Request Fulfillment’ of the order again. To see if Amazon will then accept the edited shipping address.

Incorrect Postal Code

Value Invalid for parameter AddressPostalCode is invalid. Reason: 1 error: The field Postal Code has an invalid value .

  • Incorrect postal code. Ask the customer for a correct Post/Zip code. You may have to just recreate this order in Amazon Seller central as a MCF Order if Shopify will not let you edit the orders address and request fulfillment again!

Internal Error

We encountered an internal error. Please try again.

  • This error comes straight from Amazon’s servers. We do apologize for this rare error. If a order has received this error warning try to ‘request fulfillment’ of the order again. An hour to a few hours later! 98% of the time you ‘request fulfillment’ again of a order, Amazon will accept it. Of course, if not please reach out and let us know!

Order Status Definitions

failed order status definitions

Below is a video explaining the new Order Page inside of the MCF Shipping app.