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Multi Channel Fulfillment/FBA ByteStand Pricing

ByteStand FBA/MCF Shipping pricing – Multi Channel Fulfillment by Amazon

The Bytestand FBA/MCF Shipping app connects your Amazon US & non-US FBA account with your Shopify store. Allowing you to finally leverage the power of Amazon FBA around the world. By using the multi channel fulfillment program by Amazon. Once setup your orders can automagically be sent to and fulfilled by Amazon FBA.

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Check out the ByteStand MCF/FBA Shipping app features.

Our Base Plans!

Must choose 1All prices are based on per marketplace/per month.

1. Your own fixed shipping rates – $25 a month per marketplace

  • This is the only option for stores using Shopify’s Basic plan.
  • Send your Shopify multi channel fulfillment orders to Amazon for fulfillment.
  • Use/Create your own manual fixed shipping costs and shipping titles.
  • Automatically send the orders to Amazon…or not.
  • Send Order/Shipping Confirmation emails to customers.

2. Live Amazon shipping rate – $35/month per marketplace

  • Stores must be on the Shopify plan or above in Shopify to utilize live Amazon shipping rates.
  • Send your Shopify multi channel fulfillment orders to Amazon for fulfillment.
  • Use Amazon Seller Central MCF calculated shipping cost, shipping titles, and shipping timeframes. (no guess work with shipping cost on your part!)
  • Keep the ability to still use ‘flex rates’ and offer free shipping on all orders or orders over a certain amount.
  • Added layer of failed order protection. If Amazon cannot fulfill an order for any reason, Amazon will not provide shipping rates at check out, thus not letting customers check out and pay for orders which prevents issues down the line.
  • Automatically send the orders to Amazon…or not.
  • Send Order/Shipping Confirmation emails to customers.

3. Both! – Live rates & fixed shipping rates – $45/month per marketplace

  • This is great for stores that use Amazon rates to ship FBA products but also use manual rates so they can physically ship their own products (non-fba) products as well.

Add on features and additional cost

All features below are add-ons. They are not required in order to use the base feature of the app which is order fulfillment. All prices are based on per marketplace/per month.

  • Inventory/Price sync! Plans start at $15/month for 1,000 product listings or less.
    • An 8 hour automatic sync comes with any ‘sync’ plan. For an even faster automatic sync you can upgrade to a 30 minute sync for an additional $15 monthly fee. This syncs your FBA products inventory and/or price from Amazon to Shopify.
  • Orders imported into Shopify and/or handle subscription orders! $10/month
    • This feature helps send your imported multi channel fulfillment orders from Shopify to Amazon. This helps with orders from eBay, Etsy, Faire, Instagram, etc. If Recharge, Bold, Seal, etc manages your Subscription orders, this feature can help you successfully send those multi channel fulfillment orders to Amazon.
  • Virtual Bundles! $10/month
    • Do you have virtual bundles in Amazon or you’d like to create a bundled product in Shopify? This feature will help correctly send all SKUS in a multi channel fulfillment bundle to Amazon to be shipped.
  • Amazon’s Blank Box program! $5/month
    • Only available in the US marketplace at this time and you must be preapproved into this program by Amazon on Amazon Seller Central before turning this on in our app.
  • Block Amazon Logistics! $5/month
    • Block Amazon vans or trucks from delivering to your customers.

Contact Us!

We also pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. We am available Monday-Friday 9AM to 6PM Eastern US time (excluding holidays) to assist over email help_me@bytestand.com, chat in the app or on our website (bytestand.com), phone (704) 489-3578‬ or even video calls!

Easiest thing to do is grab a time on our calendar that’s convenient for you via this link: https://calendly.com/cara_bytestand you’ll also get a link to our screen sharing app where we can talk and share screens with no need to download anything.