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What is MCF Shipping?

MCF Shipping connects your US & non-US FBA account with your Shopify store, allowing you to finally leverage the power of Amazon FBA around the world. By using Amazon’s MCF program! Once setup your orders can automagically be sent to and fulfilled by Amazon MCF. Through the power of the internets we automatically pull in shipping status updates and tracking numbers. The app pulls in updates every 8 minutes, and automatically emails your customer when their item ships. With MCF Shipping never worry about shipping or customer updates again.

Using the customers shipping information, cart data and your Amazon seller account, we send really REALLY fast carrier pigeons(or the Amazon API) out to Amazon. Once there, they pick up all the Amazon fulfillment fees and then turns around and provides these fees to you the store owner. If you have chosen the live Amazon rate option with the app, we then look at the settings within your account to provide the final fees to your customers.

Here is FBA Shipping in the Shopify app store

More Information!

  • Use your own fixed Shopify manual rates with our app for $35 a month OR use Amazon’s live calculated shipping rates and time frames for $45 a month!
  • With the live Amazon rates we collect real time shipping costs and time frames for MCF orders straight from Amazon as customers are checking out on Shopify! So there is no guessing when it comes to shipping cost!
  • We send your Shopify MCF order data to Amazon (immediately if you have automatic fulfillment turned on in your Shopify settings) and have Amazon fulfill your Shopify orders!
  • The app can also trigger Shopify to send your customers Order Confirmation emails and the Shipping confirmation email with tracking info!
  • A centralized ‘Order’ page within the app so you can see the status of your orders without logging into Amazon.

Enable add on features!

  • FBA Inventory and or price sync from Amazon to Shopify. If you have less than 1,000 product listings in Shopify it is $15/month. And comes with a automatic 8 hour sync. For an additional $15/month… you get an even faster sync at every 30 minutes!
  • Virtual Bundles – $10/month
  • Processing Imported orders from Etsy, Ebay, Instagram, etc….or Subscription orders $10/month
  • Blocking Amazon logistics from delivering orders to your Shopify customers door $5/month

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