Fresh Credit Definitions

What do the columns in Fresh Credit mean?

Name: Customers name

Credit Amount: The amount of credit they have been given or still have.

Pending Credit: This is credit the customer has used towards an order but the order has not been fulfilled yet. This will disappear once the order has been fulfilled.

Email: Customers email address. This is the email address the customer will need to use when logging into their account on your store.

Accepts Marketing: If they approved that the store could send them emails or not.

Enabled: This column will show 1 of 3 options. Invited – which means you have sent them a email inviting them to make a account with the store but they have not done so yet. Enabled – The customer has a email address and password to log into your store and use their credit. Disabled – The customer does not have a log in to your store and thus cannot access store credit.

Tags: These are tags that you have created and assigned to customers in the ‘Customer’ tab in Shopify.

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