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How to set up and use FreshCredit!

Learn how to set up and use the FreshCredit app with our FreshCredit set up videos. Written instructions are included. Depending on your stores theme you may receive a pop up warning after installing the app. The app pop up include instructions on how to move forward. But, you can use the videos below as instructional visuals.

Enable FreshCredit – 2.0 Themes

Are you seeing the pop up below when attempting to set up the FreshCredit app?

FreshCredit set up video pop up for Shopify 2.0 themes.

If so, utilize the video below for visual guidance.

Contact us to enable FreshCredit – Vintage Themes

Are you seeing the pop up below when attempting to set up the FreshCredit app?

FreshCredit set up video pop up for Shopify Vintage themes.

Contact us at:

  • help_me@bytestand.com
  • +1-704-489-3578
  • Chat in the app or on ByteStand.com
  • Schedule a meeting – Calendly

Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET

Use the video below for guidance.

Things to note

Customers will need a customer account on your website in order to participate with store credit.

Customers will only see the store credit widget on the front end of the website if the store has given the customer store credit.

The customer must be logged into their customer account with the same email address the credit was given to in the app.

The store credit widget is NOT available on the Shopify check out screen. This is on our list of possible future enhancements.

Written video instructions

Hi there, this is Cara with ByteStand and this video is going to go over how to install and set up the FreshCredit app!

After locating the app on the Shopify app store you will be met with a Welcome screen. Let’s get started! On this page you will enter your total number of customer accounts the store has in Shopify. Not just the amount of customers you wish to give credit too in the future. And press Buy.

You will be sent to a Shopify app subscription page where Shopify shows you a free trial period and then stores monthly responsibility after the free trial expires. Press Approve and you are sent to the home page of the app!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Now, lets quickly go over the app features!

You can access your app home page, customer data, widget customizations, notification setup, and help docs in the menu to the right!

On the home page you have a dashboard at the top and a overview of credit activity below that. You can filter this information by Order #, Dates, and Customer name.

Customer Page

Our next stop is the customer page of the app. The app pulls your customer accounts straight from Shopify. If the store needs to make name, tag, or email edits to customer accounts the store will make those changes inside of Shopify. And the app will then pull in those changes shortly after.

Stores can view up to 100 customers per page at a time or search for customers using the Search bar at the top. Stores can also filter or organize this list by name, email, credit balance, expiration date, or tags.

To give one customer store credit or to remove a customers store credit the store can click on the customers name below or search for the customer in the app. A pop up will appear with the customers current credit amount and credit history.

Press the Plus sign and use this screen to add/subtract credit from a customers profile, leave a note for the store, and set a expiration date if applicable. Press Update Credit Balance and you’ve now made a edit to a customers current credit amount!

You can also do this in bulk by selecting multiple customers on a page and pressing ‘Update Credit Balance’ make your edit and then press Update Credit Balance. And now all selected customers have additional credit!

On this page there are also buttons for Export All and Import.


The export all feature will send the main email address of the store a CSV file. The file will include all customer information saved in the app, including Customer name, email address, current balance, credit history, etc.

The Import feature can be used by merchants to bulk upload store credit to customer accounts inside of FreshCredit using a imported CSV file. You can learn more about both of these features in our Import/Export video, by locating the video in our Youtube collection, clicking the link in the description of this video, or searching on our website!

Next up is the ‘Customize page’ in here you can edit multiple aspects of the store credit widget. Which will determine how the customers on the front end of the site experience this widget. Watch as I make some changes to my widget and save those changes. When making widget edits it is best to log out of your test customer account on your website and back into the account to view the saved changes on the front end of the store.

Customer Notifications

The last page to explore is the Notifications page. Stores can use this feature to trigger automatic email and SMS notifications to be sent to the stores customers.

Notifications include when credit is added to a customers account and when credit is about to expire from a customers account. You enable these communications at the bottom of this page. Where you can also see how to edit the email and SMS communications.

To learn more about utilizing this feature please check out our Notification Video! This is located on our YouTube Channel, a link is in the description of this video, or you can locate the video on our website!

And with that overview lets give a customer some store credit in the app!

Now in this example I turned email and sms notifications on for customers when they received credit.

This is how the email to the customer looks, after I made some edits to it in the app first. And this is how the SMS message looks! Pretty cool!

Now as a customer this notification may trigger me to visit the website! I have to log into my customer account with the same email address the credit was given too.

Once I am logged in I can see the store credit widget! When I click on this widget, I can see more details. I’m going to go ahead and place a item in my cart and then click on the widget again before I get to the checkout screen. I am going to use all my credit and proceed to check out.

And boom, the credit is applied, fabulous!

If you need any assistance with installation or app set up please do not hesitate to reach out to us with the chat widget in the app, by phone, email, or video meetings! Happy Shopping!