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How do I fulfill some products through Amazon and some products manually?

How do I set up manual fulfillment and FBA fulfillment for different products?

Keep in mind that you cannot change or edit the fulfillment service after an order has been placed. You must set up manual fulfillment and FBA fulfillment before the orders are placed. Shopify requires that each of your products are assigned a fulfillment method during initial setup. And then that products are assigned the correct shipping rate within your shipping profiles.

This video clearly illustrates how to set up your Shopify profile in order to fulfill some products manually and other products through FBA Shipping…before orders are placed. FBA Shipping pricing has changed since this video was created!

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If you need more assistance after watching the video, you can see written directions below!

  • FBA Product SKUs must match between Shopify and Amazon.
  • FBA Product SKUs must have active inventory at Amazon.
  • At least one ‘rate’ must have been created in our app in order to offer rates for FBA products.
  • Carrier Calculated Shipping must be enabled in your Shopify plan.
  • FBA products can only be shipped within the country the products are physically stored in. For Example: If you have a U.S. Marketplace and your items are stored in an Amazon facility in the U.S., you can only ship these products within the U.S.

You cannot use other carrier calculated rates for your non-fba items! We are not compatible with USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL carrier calculated rates in Shopify.

Managing Mixed Fulfillment Orders in Shopify

Combined ‘free shipping’ for FBA and non-fba mixed orders is not available at this time!! Unfortunately, Shopify does not look at the ‘Total’ of a order and give free shipping based off of the Order Total. As your store is fulfilling some items from a manual location and thus have set up rules to offer free shipping for manual products over a certain cost. And then the store has set up a secondary rule that if FBA items are fulfilled by FBA Shipping, and the FBA items total over X amount, then the customer gets free shipping for FBA items.

For Example, if your order total is at $100, and you offer free shipping for orders over $100. But, the customer only spent $50 on fba items and $50 on non-fba items. Shopify will not be triggered to offer free shipping for the order. As it’s coming from different fulfillment services….and Shopify requires different shipping rules for different fulfillment services. I can suggest, maybe you use a blanket discount code or Shopify discount that is automatic? But, you’d have to set up that discount within Shopify. I.E. Like ‘Free Shipping’ for all orders over X amount. Or give customers a coupon code for orders over X amount.

  • In this scenario the shop is only shipping domestically, so all FBM (fulfilled by merchant or manually shipped) products can only be shipped domestically as well.
  • You must update the Fulfillment Method on your products in the Product page. For FBM Products: Go to Products, select all FBM products, click Edit Products, click Column, look for ‘Inventory’, and then select the ‘Stocked At’ option. To the right change all FBM products to either Shopify, Multiple Locations, or to whatever you are using to fulfil these manual products, and click Save. For FBA products: Select all FBA products, and after you click ‘Columns’ and you Select ‘Stocked at’ change the ‘Stocked At’ of the FBA products to FBA Shipping, and save.
  • Next, you will want to visit your Shipping Profiles…In Settings > Shipping & Delivery and click Manage. You can keep all of your products FBA and FBM in the same profile. But, most stores will want to create 2 separate ‘Zones’ in one profile.
  • 1 Zone for your FBA products that will use shipping rates from Amazon via our app.
  • 1 Zone for your non-FBA products that will use manual rates.
    • FBA – Notice that ‘Shipping from’ says FBA Shipping and ‘Shipping to’ says FBA Shipping by ByteStand (rates provided by app)
shipping fba and fbm products

FBM – When you create your zone for FBM products you will need to add manual fixed rates to this Shipping Profile. You can ONLY call the manual fixed rates the SAME rate titles as you entered into our app! This is in case of ‘mixed’ orders. A mixed order is when a customer purchases a FBA item and a non-FBA item in the same order! So the Shipping Rate titles have to match to ensure that Amazon accepts the FBA portion of the orders! See example. You can then charge whatever amount you wish to ship these products. You can even add conditions to offer free shipping if the order is over a certain amount of weight. Or you can use these conditions to charge customers more for shipping.

You cannot use other carrier calculated rates for your non-fba items! We are not compatible with USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL carrier calculated rates in Shopify.

how to fulfill orders on amazon

In my example I am charging $6 to ship my FBM products. But, in the below screenshot you will see that I am offering conditions. If the customers order is over $25 they receive free shipping for my FBM products. (Shipping To country should say U.S.)

how to fulfill amazon order
  • Notice that both rates say Standard. Once again, any manual rate titles need to match the rate titles you entered into our app! In turn this means that utilizing USPS, FedEX, DHL, Etc rates that are provided by Shopify will not work with our FBA Shipping app and manually shipping orders. You must use matching titles and create your own prices for fixed manual rates. The less conditions and shipping rates you have the simpler this process is and less shipping errors you will have.
  • Lastly, Don’t forget to press SAVE (the purple button) after you set up your Shipping profiles.

Now you will be able to ship your FBA and FBM products in the same order successfully!

Here are some examples of what check out will look like for your customers!

FBA Only Check Out

FBA and non-FBA items in same check out with combined cost!

Non-FBA Only check out