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How do I know if my orders are being fulfilled by Amazon?

Is Amazon working on my customer orders?

Once orders are placed by customers the orders will appear in the ‘Order’ tab of Shopify. In the upper right hand corner you can sort your orders by many criteria. It is best to sort the orders by location and select FBA Shipping. This will show you the orders only being fulfilled through the FBA Shipping app.

As of July 2023 you can look at the new ‘Order’ page inside of the FBA Shipping app! Click here for more info!

Or watch the video below!

And the old way: To check the status of an order click on the order to go to the orders page. Orders should be ‘Accepted’ by Amazon within 1 minute of being placed. Look under the title ‘Fulfillment in Progress.’ The ‘Requested’ title should change to ‘Accepted’ within 1 minute. See example below. Contact us if your orders are not being Accepted so we can resolve the issue quickly!

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