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How do I pull products from multiple marketplaces?

How do I input multiple marketplace into the ByteStand Amazon Import app and pull my products from all Marketplaces?

Unfortuantely, the ByteStand Amazon Import app only works with 1 Marketplace at this time. You cannot actively have multiple marketplaces saved in the app.

The app has two functions. 1. Import the products from Amazon to Shopify. 2. It can then continuously update your product changes and inventory changes from Amazon to Shopify.

Now, if you only need to import your product listings into Shopify and you ARE NOT worried about continuously updating the product changes from Amazon to Shopify…you can do the below.

After pushing your current products into Shopify just delete your current credentials out of the app and save. This will delete all of your products from the app. But, keep the product listings in Shopify. Then, you can add your next credentials into the app and save them. And start a pull from Amazon. Now you will notice all of your new marketplace products will pull into the app. After the pull is complete you can then push the products to Shopify as well.

Keep in mind that if you delete credentials out of the app you will not longer be able to continuously update the products from Amazon to Shopify that were associated with the deleted credentials. But, we will never delete product listings out of Shopify. So, as long as you’ve pushed products to Shopify, they will stay in Shopify…until you delete them.

If you still have to sync the inventory for your FBA products we do have a second app called SnapSync that ONLY syncs the product inventory from Amazon to Shopify using the product listings SKU.

Here is SnapSync in the App store https://apps.shopify.com/simplesync-amazon-fba-sync

Here is a video showing you how to set up the SnapSync app, it takes 2 minutes! https://youtu.be/KWie1jywTes

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