How do I ship my FBA products internationally?

How do I ship my FBA products domestically and internationally?

Keep in mind that you cannot change or edit the fulfillment service after an order has been placed. You must set up manual fulfillment and FBA fulfillment before the orders are placed. Shopify requires that each of your products are assigned a fulfillment method during initial setup. And then that products are assigned the correct shipping rate within your shipping profiles.

This video clearly illustrates how to set up your Shopify profile in order to manually ship your FBA products internationally. While still using the FBA app to fulfill your domestic orders. Keep in mind that Amazon will not ship your FBA items outside of the country the items are stored in. For example, if you would like to ship your US stored FBA products to Canada you will either want to open up a Amazon Marketplace in Canada -OR- have your own stock that you can manual ship to other countries. This video walks you though setting up your Shopify store to be able to manually accept and fulfill international orders!

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