How to check/change your products Fulfillment Service

Are your products fulfillment service set to FBA Shipping?

In Shopify click on ‘Products’ on the left hand side of the screen. Then, ‘Select All’ of your products and click ‘Edit Products’

On the next screen click on Add Fields. Then, scroll down to Shipping and click on Fulfillment Service.

A new column will appear. Ensure that all of your products or SKUs that are in a Amazon warehouse have the Fulfillment Service set to FBA Shipping.

Just save your changes and you are good to go!

Wait! Shopify will not let me save my fulfillment service changes! Now what?

This typically happens when the shop was previously using Amazon Marketplace Web. We will need to change the Track Inventory column as well. Scroll back to the top, click on Add Fields and then look for Inventory. Click on Track Quantity.

You will see a new column appear. Change this column to say ‘Shopify tracks this products Inventory’ Then, save your changes!

After you save the Track Quantity column then you can change and save the Fulfillment Service column. Now you are good to go! Keep in mind that the FBA Shipping app has nothing to do with Syncing Inventory counts. The Inventory Managed by is just used for order fulfillment to pass the orders on to Amazon.

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