How to enable Carrier Calculated Shipping

Help! What is Carrier Calculated Shipping and how do I turn it on?

After you have installed the FBA Shipping app the next step is ensuring your Carrier Calculated Shipping is enabled! The Carrier Calculated Shipping screen looks like the below!

After clicking on ‘Check for Carrier Calculated Shipping’ if you receive an error warning, this is what it will look like!

For our app to work you will need Real Time Carrier Calculated Shipping enabled on your Shopify account. If that sounds like gibberish, Shopify can clarify! Carrier Calculated Shipping is a function that is controlled by Shopify and they have the power to enable or disable this for you. Yes, even if you are offering Free Shipping to your customers you will need to enable Carrier Calculated Shipping! Either way Amazon will need to charge the shipping cost to you or the customer, this helps them calculate that cost!

This might be free if you paid for you Shopify subscription annually, or it might cost $20 or the equivalent. Don’t let them tell you that you have to upgrade your account to “advanced” or “unlimited”, you don’t.

Just click on the link below, log in, click ‘Chat,’ and ask the representative to enable Carrier Calculated Shipping.

Shopify support

We are aware that Shopify has temporarily suspended their call in line and is only responding to customers via chat, e-mail, and twitter. Due to this wait times to enable your carrier calculated shipping options may be delayed. ByteStand unfortunately has no control over this. We do apologize for this inconvenience on behalf of Shopify.

Once that is enabled you can continue with the set up of the app!

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