How to set up and use FBA Shipping

How to set up and use FBA Shipping?

Keep in mind that you must have Carrier Calculated Shipping enabled in Shopify in order to use our app. Even if you are offering Free Shipping to your customers. The shipping rates, shipping titles, and time frames are provided straight from Amazon.

In live time as the customer places their order Amazon provides exact shipping cost and a shipping time frame to the customer based on Amazon’s backlog, shipping carriers, the customers shipping locations, etc. So, either way the customer of the merchant will be charged the shipping costs. CCS helps us collect this data and report it back to Shopify and Amazon.

Other things to note:

  1. Product SKUs must match between Shopify and Amazon Seller Central. We use the SKU. Not FNSKU and not ASIN. Just SKU.
  2. SKU must have active inventory at Amazon.
  3. FBA Shipping must be the fulfillment method.
  4. Finally, at least one of our shipping speeds must be selected.

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