How to set up and use Fresh Credit!

How to set up and use Fresh Credit

Keep in mind that customers must have store credit in order for the ‘store credit’ button to populate in their customer account. After you give a customer credit. Instruct them to log into their account, and their account should look like this screenshot:

They can click on this button and see this pop up: The customer can then decide to use all of their credit while they are logged in or just some of their credit. Now they can continue shopping and the credit will be applied at checkout!

I also suggest the following to customers. To place all of their items in their cart first, then go to their account and click on the Store Credit button. They will notice that a ‘Check Out’ option has appeared in the Store Credit pop up. Now, they can select how much Credit they would like to use and then go straight to Check Out!

How do I add credit to a customers account?

The app is embedded into your store admin. So open up the back end of your store, go to your apps section, open up FreshCredit and there will be a table with all your customers displayed. Simply add any amount to the “Credit Amount” column in the table and it will automatically display to your shoppers.

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