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How to set up and use Fresh Credit!

How to set up and use Fresh Credit

Customers will only see the Fresh Credit button on the front end of your website if you have given them store credit and only when they are logged into their customer account on your store.

Once you give your customer store credit you can email or alert them that they have store credit however you would like. This first version of Fresh Credit will not include automatic email notifications to your customers. But, that feature is on it’s way!

The customer can log into their account on your store and will see the ‘Credit’ button on any page in the store. Other than the Shopify payment page.

Customers can choose to apply the store credit and check out at any time. They can go ahead and ‘grab’ their store credit from the pop up and then shop and check out. Or they can place all their items in their cart first and before they go to check out they can grab the store credit!

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