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How to set up and use FBA Shipping

Welcome to the new FBA Shipping app! A massive upgrade was made in late July of 2023. This upgrade includes new features that our merchants asked for! Including:

  • FBA Inventory and Price syncing in the app!
  • A new Order page with the status of your MCF orders!
  • The ability to fulfill Subscription orders and Imported orders from other channels!
  • Enable the Blank Box program and/or the Block Amazon Logistics program!
  • Enable Live Amazon rates, your own manual fixed rates (no need for CCS!) OR Both!
  • Process your Virtual Bundled products!

FBA Shipping pricing has changed since this video was created!

Now that we have these amazing new features….we also have some new FAQs and set up instructions. Including a ton of videos. How to set up FBA shipping? The video below is the first set up video, but there are many more! If you are a new installation merchant, check out the first video below and then check out our Playlist on Youtube.

If you are a merchant that has had the app installed before the update. The below video is for you!

How to use FBA shipping? Keep in mind that you must have Carrier Calculated Shipping enabled in Shopify in order to use the Live Amazon Rate feature in our app. Even if you are offering Free Shipping to your customers. The shipping rates, shipping titles, and time frames are provided straight from Amazon when you are using Live Amazon Rates.

All merchants that had the FBA Shipping app installed with a active payment plan before the update will be grandfathered into their plan at $25 a month for your first marketplace. You will notice you will have access to the Live Amazon Rates. You are able to upgrade or down grade your account, but your monthly price will change with your plan change. Also, all new add on features are separate.

FBA Shipping pricing has changed since this video was created!

Other things to note

  1. Product SKUs must match between Shopify and Amazon Seller Central. We use the SKU. Not FNSKU and not ASIN. Just SKU.
  2. SKU must have active inventory at Amazon. And you must legally own the products you are attempting to sell.
  3. FBA Shipping must be the fulfillment method for your FBA products.

This does not work for ‘drop shipping’

Here is FBA Shipping in the Shopify app store


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