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I don’t think all of my products pulled into the ByteStand app?

I don’t think all of my products pulled into the ByteStand Amazon Import app, what should I look for?

The first thing to note is that the ByteStand Amazon Import app will only pull in SKUs from Amazon that you physically own. This does not work with dropshipping. Secondly, the app can only ‘see’ and pull in data for SKUs that are in stock and active.

Yes, you must pull in ALL of your products that are in stock and active in Seller Central into the ByteStand Amazon Import app. Then, you can choose which SKUs (parent SKUs, variations are pushed with their corresponding parents) you would like to Push to Shopify.

One you have pulled your SKUs from Amazon you will see a purple number at the top of the screen. See the screenshot below. This number includes your variations.

If you scroll to the bottom of the screen you will sometimes see a different number! This number is the parent SKUS. This is the number your plan is going off of.

In some cases you may need to upgrade your plan to pull in all of your products! If you have spot checked your SKUS between ByteStand and Amazon Seller Central but you still feel like you are missing SKUs just reach out to us! We will need the SKUs that you are missing and then we can start searching for them! This rarely happens but we are here to help if it does!

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