I just installed the app but my customers are not in the Fresh Credit app, help!

Where are my customers?

Ahh! We hate when this happens. If you just installed the app but are getting the below screen please reach out to us and let us know as soon as possible!

This issue can happen if your theme is edited or if you have other apps installed in your store that are blocking our code from automatically working. Typically other discount apps or coupon apps can effect this. Unfortunately, when this happens there is no way to solve this yourself. Please contact us at help_me@bytestand.com or chat us in the app in the bottom right hand corner.

We are available M-F 9AM-6PM EST. If we miss you during business hours we will get back with you as soon as possible! Make sure if you chat us you leave your email address and Shopify URL. At this point we have to open up our server and manually pull in the customers for you. Which only takes a few seconds!

If you have had the app installed for some time AND you already have customers in the app BUT you are still seeing this warning it means the app has not pulled in all of your customers. It also means the app is not set up correctly. This typically happens when a store uninstalls the app and then reinstalls the app without also restarting the payment plan. Please reach out to us as well if this is the case for you so we can manually pull in all of your missing customers and restart the payment plan.

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