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I want to add or subtract credit from a customers account, how do I do this?

How do I add or subtract a customers store credit?

The app is embedded into your store admin. So open up the back end of your store, go to your apps section, open up FreshCredit and there will be a table with all your customers displayed. This is the ‘Activity’ page. Hover over the purple menu to the right and it will Expand, click on ‘Customers’

Now, on your Customer tab you can select multiple customers, all customers, or just one. You can filter customers by Name, Email, Credit Balance, Credit Expires On, or Tags. Or search for a specific customer in the search bar.

In this example we will give Cara Byte store credit. You can click on the customers name and a pop up will appear.

This is Cara Bytes Credit history, click on the green plus button to give this customer more credit.

Another pop up appears. On this screen you can add credit to the customers account, deduct credit, set their balance to zero, and then leave a comment, set a experation date for all credit, and then Save!

Now we can see the extra $10 of credit was added to the customers already existing credit!

Bulk Credit

You can also search for customers. We will use customers with the name ‘Cara’ in this example. And give multiple customers the same amount of credit!

Select the customers, and press ‘Edit Selected Customer’s Credit’

Make your Increase or decrease to all accounts and press Save! You are good to go!

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